Your Forgetfulness May Be A Sign Of Extraordinary Intelligence, According To Science

Many people are happy about their level of intelligence; this intelligence is essential to an individual, especially when in school. Every person feels happy when they remember even little information that they learned many years ago.

There are many people who forget essential information. This is most common to women who are likely to stand in front of an audience delivering important information, giving a speech, or even performing live. They are likely to forget an important part of their speech or presentation. When this happens is not a fault of the brain but actually a sign of an extraordinary level of intelligence.

According to researchers Blake Richards and Paul Frankland from the University of Toronto, the brain usually overwrites old memories and replaces them with new ones. It’s harder for some people to remember old impressions the same way it’s hard for some to forget them.

It is said that a brilliant brain is always forgetful. People with high intelligence are those who forget beneficial information. Richard explains why the brain forgets beneficial information in a CNN interview. In the interview, he said that it’s essential that the brain forgets irrelevant details and instead focuses on the things that will help you make correct decisions.

Scientists said that the brain has a tiny mechanism known as the hippocampus. This mechanism is the main center that stores the memory of an individual. It performs its function by removing useless details that fill the brain for nothing. By doing this, it gives you a chance to recall new information that will lead to making intelligent decisions.

It is very important not to overload your memory with irrelevant information that may conflict with your brain, causing you to make wrong decisions. You should keep your mind relaxed to avoid subjecting your memories to many variables and disturbances.

Many people believe that sports and vigorous activities are very important in the brain makeup. The scientist, Richard, proved that this is not relevant anymore. This is because even in the past, people used to survive without doing sports. They had good memories. They also communicated effectively, interacted with others, and co-operated very well. They did their day-to-day activities as usual, and this helped them grow their brains.

Some people only familiarize themselves with recent things, forgetting about the old ones. You should forget some information but not omit almost everything.

Forgetting information is not a fault but a sign of intelligence. Many people worry and panic when they forget a piece of information they wanted to deliver. Women should not feel embarrassed when they get stuck in front of an audience during a speech. They should keep calm and try to recall what they’ve forgotten.