Your Drunk Self May Be The Real You, Science Says

How do you act after you’ve drunk too much alcohol? Perhaps you’re a party star dancing on the tables, singing at the highest of your voice. Or a drama queen who gets teared-eyes and over-emotional about that text your ex sent you two months ago.

Or maybe you turn into a ray of sunshine that compliments everyone’s outfit at the bar. Whatever your behaviors are when you get drunk, that may be the real you.

You may argue that your ego gets activated whenever you’re high on booze. However, a recent survey suggests otherwise. Before the research, the general assumptions have been that individuals are different when they drink too much alcohol.

And their actions and behaviors when drunk aren’t the reflection of their actual attributes. Many people agree with this argument because they’re always ashamed of their actions when they’re under alcohol influence. The study confirms the following:

Drinking Alcohol Doesn’t Change You

Research published in the Clinical Psychological Science journal shows that alcohol doesn’t have the power of changing a person’s personality. The study confirms that you’re the same person whether you’re drunk or sober. This is a fact, and many people fail to believe it, yet it’s the truth.

The Study is Based on Observation

Researchers at both Purdue University and the University of Missouri performed an observation on 156 people. Every individual has been studied when sober and when drunk, to determine whether the “drunk personalities” are actual traits.

The individuals were given alcoholic drinks, and their sober friends were brought to play games with them. The end result of the study confirmed that there were no changes in their personality.

Although the drunk individuals argued that they were influenced by alcohol, their friends declined the arguments. They confirmed that they didn’t notice any changes. The drinkers had similar personalities to when they’re sober.

There Was Only One Personality Shift

Alcohol only has the power to change the way of doing things. It makes you more extroverted.

The researchers reported that they were surprised by the perception of alcohol-induced personalities from the observers and the drinkers. The participants reported changes in all Five-Factor Model of Personality. However, extroversion was the only difference in both the sober and the drunk participants.

The Reason Why You Feel Different When Drunk

The Placebo effect is the one that makes you feel different. In many situations, you may be influenced that alcohol, apart from being a social lubricant, can also affect your personality. And we end up believing it does.

However, the study proves that you’ll remain the same even when you take multiple shots of tequila. But you only believe that you aren’t.

If you believe in your thoughts that the tequila will make you wild, or the wine will give you emotions, you will make these beliefs come true on your own.

Thus, don’t blame the alcohol the next time you find yourself texting your ex while drunk. Or feel embarrassed when you kneel for an attractive girl you admire or swearing at those friends you hate. That is the real you.