Your Daughter Is The Best Gift You'll Ever Get

Your Daughter Is The Best Gift You’ll Ever Get

All mother-child relationships are special. But the bonds we create with our daughters are extra special. Here is why your daughter is the best gift you'll ever get.

She's A Better Version Of You

If you are anything like me, you try to put yourself in your daughter's shoes all the time. And you give advice that you would have been happy to hear when you were in similar situations.

This won't mean realizing your dreams through the little one. It's about wholeheartedly knowing that struggle is always real, even if it seems like no big deal.

Broken toy at age two or broken heart at fourteen - you let her know that you understand and care.

As a result, she grows into a better, kinder person who knows that she will always have you. And she might also start giving you good advice, just so you know.

She's Your Best Friend

At one point you are changing the seventh diaper of the day and at another, you are picking an outfit for her prom. The baby time is so precious and so fast.

Before you know - there is a little woman in your home. A woman who hears you just as much as you hear her.

My daughter knows that mommy can be her rock. But she also knows that I have feelings and I too can feel heartbroken and down.

As a parent, you teach your child emotional intelligence by not being jolly all the time, no matter what. And as a human, you get a compassionate friend, who will most likely become the best friend you'll ever have.

You See Each Other

Even if she's only two months old, you both are women. At least you both came into this world as women.

Your job is to help her embrace it.

Teach her about Jane Austin and Rosa Parks. Show that being a woman is much more than just heels and makeup.

Stay strong together and keep making sure you are on the same page. If one day she considers you a part of her own top female figures list - you did well.

Love Her And Love Yourself

Happy mommy - happy baby. And this is very much applicable throughout the entire life path.

Perhaps the best thing you can do for your daughter is teaching her self-appreciation and self-love. And the only way to do that is through your own example.

She will grow up and move out. And life will surely prepare a couple of unpleasant surprises for her.

But as long as you taught her to value her opinions and listen to her feelings - she will get through anything.

Daughters Are The Best

At first, we might treat our baby girls like living dolls. We dress them up and read them stories about princesses.

But as they grow, we grow and evolve alongside. Looking back, our daughters have made us wiser, more feminine, and more insightful.

And that's why your daughter is the best gift you'll ever get.