Your Body Isn't Tired, Your Soul Is Exhausted

Your Body Isn’t Tired, Your Soul Is Exhausted

Going through life can be a tough journey. We can find ourselves facing challenges that may be difficult to overcome. A society that labels us as "selfish" for thinking of ourselves doesn't help either. I get it. Being selfish is not cool. But there is a difference between selfishness and self-love. This misunderstanding has led us to fall victim to love others before ourselves. Some even do it so often that it leads them to suffer from fatigue or soul exhaustion. Uniquely, only you can give your soul the restoration it deserves.

The Value of Your Soul

Your soul is the most delicate and valuable possession you will ever own. It deserves to be treated with the same love and care that you give your laptop or iPhone. Your soul has always been and will continue to be loyal to you. The laptop can crash when you need to get something done. Your car can breakdown as you are heading to work. No matter what, your soul will be right there. It will even be around long after the body is no more.

Causes of Soul Exhaustion

You may not be seeing the root of your soul's exhaustion off hand. Let me help you out. Think of your favorite room at home. Does it provide you with room to breathe or smother you in clutter? Not only is it hazardous to your health to breathe in dust or bug skeletons, but it can also cloud your ability to think clearly.

Think of the people you spend most of your time with. Are you able to be your true self around them? Not so much, huh? First, they find fault in any changes you are making for yourself. Second, they show jealousy when they should be proud of you. Third, you are unable to communicate with them without arguing or defending your past mistakes. You are only as healthy as the relationships you keep.

The toxic relationships you choose to keep can have a negative effect on you. It can cause you to begin to doubt yourself. A habit of negative self-talk may also develop. You may say things like, " I am not good enough, or I am a loser." Society can be hard enough on you. It doesn't need your help.

Restore Your Beautiful Soul

Now that you are aware of the soul suckers in your life, it is time to rid yourself of them. Start by realizing that every thought that enters your mind affects you. Change up the way you think. There is a positive side to every situation. You just have to look for it. If you've always been fed lies, seek the truth. You deserve to know. Don't you? Rid your life of toxic relationships, especially if they refuse to stop hurting you. Lastly, if anything angers you, make sure to express it in a healthy way.

Maintain a healthy soul by adding "no" to your vocabulary. It will bring more pleasure than being the "yes" person in the room. Declutter your mind with mindfulness exercises. Realize that there is one you and there is no reason to feel guilty about that. Follow that up by filling your circle with those who think like you. If they routinely show you versus tell you that they love you, you can say goodbye to ever having an exhausted soul again.