Your Body After 28 Days Of No Alcohol

Your Body After 28 Days Of No Alcohol

On average person downs about 9.5 liters of alcohol in a year. So no, he is not an alcoholic. He takes a drink here and there while out with friends. This person may take a glass of wine in the middle of the week to take the edge off. But that's it.

So, what would happen if this person went for 28 days without alcohol touching her/his lips?

Some people got curious, and an experiment was set up to provide some answers.

Would there be health and physical changes after a month of no alcohol? If you want a quick answer, then yes, there will be substantial differences. But if you want the full details, then keep reading.

First Week – Appetite Boost, Sweet Tooth, Sleep Problems and Pain

your body after 28 days of no alcohol

Just for the record, people eat more after a drink. But you know what, once they stop, they are likely to eat even more now that they have the time. Obviously, that is not good. You should try to eat fruits and drink juice after quitting alcohol just to keep things in check.

Oh, also be on the lookout for sugar cravings. As you probably know, some alcoholic drinks have lots of sugar. Giving them up can cause decreased sugar levels and hence sugar cravings.

Sleep quality will likewise dive after you quit, even if you only took a glass of alcohol before retiring to bed. Alcohol can make it easier for you to sleep, but it does nothing to improve sleep quality. So, after quitting, it will take time before you can get satisfying sleep. Be ready for nightmares as well.

Also, as the body detoxifies itself from alcohol, you might get headaches. High blood pressure may be experienced as well. However, some people might not experience any pain since alcohol can increase their pain tolerance.

Second Week-Healthier Liver, Better Skin, Improved Digestion, Better Social Life

your body after 28 days of no alcohol

During the second week of your abstinence from alcohol, the liver starts to recover. Alcohol kills the cells in the liver and scars it. Luckily, the liver can recover, though not very quickly.

The skin color will improve, as well. You see, alcohol restricts the circulation of blood to the skin. Therefore, the skin does not get enough oxygen. This can bring about premature wrinkles and pigment spots because of dryness.

You will also get better digestion after quitting alcohol for over a week. Alcohol causes an overproduction of gastric acid, which is why people eat more when they drink.

Accepting invitations to meet up with friends will also be easier by this point. Probably because your primary concern won't be meeting up with your drink buddies all the time.

Third Week-Better Appearance, Healthier Teeth, Improved Sense Of Taste And Smell

your body after 28 days of no alcohol

Your appearance will show evidence that you have quit alcohol during your third week of no alcohol. Dark circles under the eyes will go away, and waking up will be much easier now that the circadian rhythm will be back on track.

Saliva production will also increase after you quit alcohol, and your teeth will be stronger. Drinking reduces saliva production. This increases the risk of getting cavities. Alcohol also reduces enamel strength.

Your ability to smell and taste will also get better after you quit alcohol.

Fourth Week-Reduction In Weight, Blood Pressure, Acne, And Skin Irritation

your body after 28 days of no alcohol

During the fourth week, your weight will go down if you had some extra pounds before. On average, you will lose about 6 to 8 pounds in a month.

Furthermore, since alcohol increases your blood pressure, you are less likely to suffer from this common health problem after quitting.

Another benefit you will notice is a decline in acne and skin irritation as the water balance in the body improves. Your face will be clearer, too, since blood circulation will improve.

Finally, you will enjoy greater mental clarity and work better. Drinking makes the brain swell, and brain cells die in their millions for lack of oxygen.

So, do you drink?

If yes, then this 28-day alcohol abstinence challenge might be the perfect challenge for you.