Your Astrological Travel Guide: Where To Go Based On Your Zodiac

Your Astrological Travel Guide: Where To Go Based On Your Zodiac

Travelling is one of the best things you can do as a human. However, not every destination suits every human. Someone may like to go somewhere hot, where they can enjoy parties on the beach and some light - or heavy - drinking.

On the other hand, some people like places with history, where they can learn a lot and meet different cultures. Some people travel for the food, some for new friendships, some for nature.

Either way, it's hard to know what will fit you before you try it.

However, astrology may hold all the answers to this. Here's where you should travel, based on your zodiac:

Aries - Southern California, USA

As an Aries, you are young at heart and you love a good challenge. The sunny yet exciting Southern California can give you everything that you need in one trip. There are adventure, fun and plenty of places to party. Your alternative in Australia.

Taurus - Tuscany, Italy

To enjoy the finer things in life, as you do love, Taurus, visit Tuscany. There are fine vines, amazing cheeses and food are amazing in general. The sights are beautiful and Tuscany seems like a land of poetry. Your alternative is Napa Valley.

Gemini - Tel Aviv and Jerusalem

Geminis would enjoy the twin cities more than anyone else. Since they often want different, contrasting things, there is no one destination that would suit them. So, they get two. They can enjoy the dynamic scene of Tel Aviv and then bask in the history of Jerusalem. The alternative? Vancouver and Seattle.

Cancer - South of France

Cancer would fit right in at the romantic South of France. The food is tasty, the scenery beautiful. Life is not too busy and it allows for relaxing strolls or afternoons at the museum. It's highly comfortable as well, so it suits Cancers well. If you're looking for an alternative, go to Charleston in South Carolina.

Leo - Argentina

Leos are loud and dynamic. They just can't sit still, so one of the best places for them is Argentina. Since there are many different things to do and see, this country is just perfect for energetic Leos. A good alternative is Hong Kong.

Virgo - Malaysia

Since you like helping people so much and making sure that everything is perfect, there is no doubt that you need some rest. Hence, Malaysia with its amazing relaxing spas and massages that will help you release the tension. If it's too far for you, try Santa Fe in New Mexico.

Libra - Istanbul, Turkey

This is the city that connects two continents and it would be a perfect getaway for Libra. Libra's are well known for their need for fairness and indecisiveness, so this way they don't have to decide between two continents, they can have both. They can also go to Prague, as an alternative.

Scorpio - Johannesburg, South Africa

Scorpios never reveal their personalities that easily. But beneath their mask, there's a heart of gold and scars that make them who they are. So, the perfect trip for a Scorpio is dark and mysterious Johannesburg. However, if you're looking for an alternative, New Orleans is another perfect option.

Sagittarius - South America

This sign loves adventure so much that we can't recommend just one country, they need a continent. Thus, you should travel to South America, an eclectic and fun continent full of adventures for you. An alternative is Mongolia.

Capricorn - Taiwan

You love working hard but you love to play just as much. So, the best place for you is Taiwan, where you'll be able to admire their strong work ethic but then party with the locals in the night markets. A good alternative is walking the Camino de Santiago route.

Aquarius - Detroit, USA

Since you love helping people, especially the underdogs and creatives, the best place for you is Detroit, the comeback city striving out of economic downfall. It's full of innovative and interesting people. You could also go to Kyrgyzstan.

Pisces - The Himalaya

Calm, spiritual, and gentle, Pisces should travel to the Himalayas, to experience the peace and beauty of this area. Drifting around this area, to the lakes and monasteries will truly be amazing for you. Alternatively, you could go to Peru.