You'll Never Be Happy In A Relationship Without These 15 Things

Ever wonder why you're unhappy in your relationship? Settling for something that's almost good enough won't bring you joy. You absolutely deserve happiness, and if you don't have it in your current relationship, it's because something essential is absent. Without these key elements to bring fulfillment, it's best to abandon the hope of a happy conclusion.

These principles are applicable to all relationships in your life, not exclusively to your romantic partner. Although they may seem fundamental, it's worth contemplating them. I assure you that if you were in a relationship lacking these aspects, you wouldn't be content.


1. Complete respect

It's impossible to imagine being happy without receiving respect. If you're not respected, you'll be treated poorly, and your opinions and desires will be disregarded. Demand respect, or leave the situation altogether.

2. Equality

I went through a terrible experience of being in a relationship with a guy who felt that nobody else could match up to him. That was the initial indication that things weren't going to work out. If a man doesn't view you as his equal, he's not worthy of you. A successful relationship requires both partners to be equal.


3. Loyalty

True happiness in a relationship is impossible unless your partner is loyal to you, both physically and emotionally. Even if you attempt to recover from infidelity, the relationship will never be the same, and your level of happiness will always be somewhat diminished.

4. Honesty and trust

For a relationship to work, it's not enough for your partner to trust you; they must also be truthful with you. The more concealed secrets there are, the more the relationship disintegrates. Without these two elements, the relationship simply cannot thrive.


5. Affection

I'm not referring to sex in this context. While great sex is fantastic, it's not equivalent to having someone who comforts you when you're upset or takes care of you when you're unwell. Even something as simple as kissing you goodbye before leaving for work can make your day. Anything less than this, and you won't experience genuine happiness.


6. Acceptance

It's inevitable that mistakes will be made, and you will have differences in your relationship. Without acceptance, neither of you will experience true happiness. You can't simply hope that your partner will change; you must accept and appreciate each other's flaws and distinctions.

7. Communication

If you ask some of the happiest couples what they do every day, they will likely say that they talk. Communication is essential for happiness in a relationship. Without it, you'll become bored and feel like something is missing. Without talking to each other, you'll never fully comprehend each other's lives.


8. Encouragement

Your partner should be the person who motivates you when you fail or wish to try something different. If you don't have that type of support, it's not a healthy relationship. Without encouragement, growth in the relationship is impossible.

9. Independence

It's crucial to maintain your individual identity within a relationship. If you're not permitted to spend time with your friends, pursue your own hobbies, or engage in activities independently, you'll feel unhappy. It's acceptable to be a couple, but you must also maintain your individuality.


10. Time apart

It may seem surprising, but having some personal space is necessary in a relationship. Whether you spend that time alone or with friends doesn't matter. It's essential to have some time away from your partner occasionally.

11. Ample time together

At the same time, it's important to ensure that you spend ample time together. Merely seeing each other briefly before bedtime or passing each other while working different shifts is insufficient. You must set aside time to sit down, converse, and be present with each other.


12. Forgiveness

As I mentioned earlier, mistakes are inevitable in any relationship. Therefore, you need someone who can forgive you when things go wrong. A relationship that's filled with resentment and grudges is destined to fail.

13. Openness

I understand that it might not always be simple, but honesty is essential for a contented relationship. You need someone who will share their life with you, including their aspirations, worries, objectives, and of course, love for you. Otherwise, you'll always be suspicious of what they're hiding.


14. Patience

Both of you will have your imperfections. This is where patience comes into play. Having someone nagging you every day because it takes you an hour to shower can be exasperating. You need someone who is patient and acknowledges that sometimes you may do things they don't comprehend.

15. Love

Love is a crucial factor in any relationship. It may seem obvious, but sometimes people settle for less than love and end up unhappy. You need genuine love to sustain a happy and long-lasting relationship.


The list may seem extensive, but just imagine being in a long-term relationship without even one of these crucial elements. It's difficult to fathom. You deserve the very best and should never settle for anything less than what makes you truly happy.