You'll Never Be Good Enough For Everyone, No Matter How Hard You Try

You’ll Never Be Good Enough For Everyone, No Matter How Hard You Try

It's time to stop forcing yourself to be the best. Instead, focus on what's best for you, since you'll never be good enough for the wrong kind of people!

Though it's hard to accept, certain people won't like you, and that's on them. It has nothing to with you. But, since you're the one feeling like crap, it's time to learn some ways to stop caring!

I don't need the approval of people who don't approve of me.

George Michael

Sense of self

If you're doing more than your best, you must feel exhausted all the time. Trying to be everyone's cup of tea is mission impossible, so let's focus on the real problem.

Why do you seek approval from people who don't want to accept you? Most likely, you should work on self-esteem and be more open to trusting yourself fully.

Treat yourself with respect and kindness, and you'll forget what the rest of them have to say. If you're lucky, you'll get up to five people who genuinely care for you. The rest are just passing by.

Toxic people

Certain people feed on insecurities. It's not that you want them to love you, but you really want to prove that you're not dumb. Well, don't bother.

Instead of trying to be good enough for them, you should feel sorry for these people. They are sad individuals if they can't see a person who's putting an effort and knowledge right in front of them.

You know you can't please toxic people, so what should you do? Tell them "yes" and "you're right." Don't spend your energy trying to change their mind. Save it for someone who matters.

Poisonous relationships

It's devastating at first, but not all love stories have to have a happy ending. If you're the one who feels that they aren't good enough for their partner, well, you know the drill.

Some people bring out the best in others, while some simply aren't a good match. No matter what you do, you feel less. Most of the time, you are actually in an abusive relationship without even noticing.

But there are situations where you idolized your partner so much that you're pushing yourself to prove you're worthy of them.

Real, healthy love wants you to bloom, grow, and feel the emotional support. Everything else is unhealthy.

You cannot get rid of all the people who are making you feel bad. And you certainly don't have to spend time trying to be enough for them. It takes a lot of reflection and self-respect to know that you can't please everyone, and that's perfectly normal.

Your values, worth, knowledge, everything that you are, and you're about to become matters to one person. You. If you are satisfied and you appreciate yourself, people with good intentions will respect that. Still, they don't have to love you. But, for your own sake, stop trying to please everyone!