You Won't Believe The Misconceptions Men Have About Women

you won’t believe the misconceptions men have about women

Men are from Mars, and women are from Venus. We all accepted this popular expression, but what if we told you that we are not even from the same galaxy?

If you don't believe us, you will soon. Because Redditors sure do have a way of starting a topic and turning it into a proper discovery.

It started innocently enough:

Who knew that such a simple question could lead to... Well, check it out yourself!

#1 Biology Classes Should Be Mandatory

#2 Same Goes For Sex Ed Classes; They Are Not For Your Amusement Only

#3 One Day This Man Will Have A Daughter...

#4 Not Exactly How It Works

#5 It's Kind Of A Funny Story

#6 These Guys Give Tinder A Bad Name

#7 Get Your Friend A New Boyfriend ASAP

"When I was in high school, my best friend's boyfriend thought that when women went through menopause it meant that their vaginas were sealed shut forever. Another one of our guy friends thought that your period worked the same way as taking a piss- that you go to the bathroom, shove a tampon on in for a minute, and then pulled it out and you were done until the next time you had to go to the bathroom. I blame our high school honestly. These seem like basic things a guy should learn."

#8 Mark, TikTokers Ate Tide Pods

"My ex-boyfriend saw a TikTok that said (as a joke) that us women have blue piss if we were really mad and asked me if he could see it I obviously said no and told him that it wasn't true but he seemed to not believe me so now I stay up till 3 am every night thinking about it, Mark if your reading this, I'm so sorry that you're stupid enough to believe something off TikTok"

#9 Like With A Zipper Or?

#10 To Be Fair, Many Believe This Not That Long Ago (sadly)

"That an intact hymen means you're a virgin and a torn/broken one means you're not. You can have sex, and your hymen remains unbroken, and you can tear your hymen running, jumping, doing splits, stretching, etc."

#11 Women Are Not Made Of Fruit

#12 At Least They Cared

#13 No, You Cannot Spend Your Vagina!

#14 This One Has To Be The Most Annoying One

#15 He Must Belive That The Earth Is Flat, Too

#16 It Is Like Opening Pandora's Box

#17 Perhaps The Wife Told Him So, For Her Own Benefits

#18 Where To Start?

So, which misconception did you hear? And which one do you think is most relatable?