You Will Meet The Love Of Your Life After The Mistake Of Your Life

You Will Meet The Love Of Your Life After The Mistake Of Your Life

Being heartbroken is very dreadful; it isn't easy to dust yourself off and lift yourself from the emotional abyss left behind by an unhealthy relationship.

You invest your energy and resources into love to have it crash and burn in front of you. It can be very devastating.

You choose to give it all to another person, including your heart to later get it broken.

You are so much in love that you cannot see the signs early; later you have to pay the costly price with your broken heart.

You may have seen the toxic behavior in your relationship early on, but because you were so deep in love, you chose to brush it off.

At some point, you felt that you were special and unique, expecting to change your partner, even though others have also tried and didn't succeed.

You hoped that he would start being good to you after he realized how much you loved him but sadly, the day never came, you remained hopeful though.

Sometimes, getting our hearts broken is just a process of getting us ready for the love that is on the way.

As I speak of mistakes, I envision an affair that was toxic. A relationship that we should have left a long time ago before it broke our hearts. It was evident that it was destined to fail and leave us so profoundly hurt and devastated.

At some point, close friends even warned you about him. The signs were even clear to them that he wasn't in love with you. You didn't want to listen at all. The only thing you chose to listen to was your heart, which betrayed you.

When the love of your life knocks at your door, he will exercise patience with you and give you all the time to be ready. It might take a long time, but it will be worth the wait because you mean the world to him.

He's the one who will always be texting you and calling you, not to mention cook for you. He will be very gentle and sensitive with what he says to you, even after making silly mistakes he is being cautious not to hurt you.

You will find the inner peace that you kept searching for so long because; you will finally be with someone who cares for you as much as you care for them. Your love will be reciprocated, and at the same time, you will feel so secure.

Making plans will be so easy because he will want to be with you as much as you also want to be with him.

This kind of love won't be forced. You will have no doubts at all, for this love will make you feel that you found your right match.

Every lousy experience we went through was paving the way for that particular person. The one who was meant to love us unconditionally, making us forget all the past sad moments.