You Want To Be Noticed? You Can Gain Their Attention Without Being Flirty

The new guy in your office has suddenly become the cutest person in the building. And guess what? His office is right in front of your space.

For months you share glances but it seems he's closer to other workmates.

Have you ever been attracted to somebody that deep down you are dying to have a conversation with them? The situation can even get worse when it seems like they don't even notice you.

People who had been in that situation before can testify. It can be really frustrating, liking someone, maybe waving at them once in a while, yet it feels like you're invisible.

While the general advice might be to flirt with them, getting touchy and even seductive, it does not get you the attention in most cases.

Well, you don't need to worry too much. Let us check out simple things you can do to get noticed.

The surprising thing is, none of them involves flirting with them. If you can gain their attention without flirting, they will become fond of you eventually.

Dress To Impress But Not To Seduce

you want to be noticed? you can gain their attention without being flirty

The first thing that makes you noticeable in a room is what you wear. Isn't that what we first notice about others?

If you don't dress well, chances are no one will be interested in saying 'Hi' at least.

So if you really would like for them to notice you, remember that you can make them look at you by wearing something stylish and attractive.

Wear some cologne that gives a distinct fragrance too. When you walk past them, they will have no choice but to have a second look.

However, you need to resist the urge to be provocative with what you wear. Don't expose your body parts simply because you will like to be noticed.

Especially will this be ideal in the workplace.

Always Wear A Smile

you want to be noticed? you can gain their attention without being flirty

They say you're never fully dressed without a smile. A smile is a language you speak without uttering any word.

A smile tells others that you are approachable and friendly. No matter how well you dress, without a smile, no one will pay attention to you.

It may not necessarily be to them, but to everyone you meet. Just seeing your smile will bring out your inner beauty.

There is a higher chance of wanting to speak with a friendly person than to a stone-cold snub. So, if smiling isn't what you're used to, start learning now!

A simple trick is to give a good girl walk, a smile, flip your hair, and act unbothered. That will prompt any guy to notice who you are.

Be Kind

you want to be noticed? you can gain their attention without being flirty

A kind person is someone who is always keen on helping others. Such help is evident in compassionate words and good deeds.

Ask yourself: who will I want as a friend, a kind person, or an unkind person?

Everyone wants to befriend kind people. So, learn how to be kind. Speak kindly to others.

Even if you are provoked, keep your anger in check. A little sense of humor will go a long way in shaping a person's view of you.

In time, you will be noticed. And not just that, they will want to be your friend. And if you are crushing on them, it might just be the start of something new.

Learn More About Who They Are

you want to be noticed? you can gain their attention without being flirty

One thing you can do to make them notice you is to be acquainted with who they are and what they like.

People are often surprised when someone randomly does or says the same things they love. It can spread positive energy and can actually catch their eye.

It is from things like this that you both can strike up some conversation that will eventually make them start paying attention to your person.

Showcase Your Intelligence

you want to be noticed? you can gain their attention without being flirty

One thing that can boost your chances is being knowledgeable and showing it. Yes, you read it right, show it.

Back in school, everyone wants to associate with the coolest dude in class. The same is true, too, with being noticed.

Relationship experts suggest that this is one of the best ways to make someone notice who you are and make them desire your friendship.

If in the workplace, for example, you will be in a board meeting with them, you can use this platform to show them what you've got.

Let them know that you are intelligent. Give positive contributions, speak confidently, be respectful, and, most importantly, be nice.

Don't Act Desperate

you want to be noticed? you can gain their attention without being flirty

They say people are like shadows. You follow them; they run away. Get back from them, they follow you.

There is a higher chance of being too full of himself/herself when they know someone is constantly wanting them or staring at them.

The goal is not just being noticed but being respected. So, don't appear too desperate, and don't stare too often.

Make them want you in a 'professional' way. Even if you can access their page on social media, don't be too quick to send a friend request.

They say the longer the wait, the better the relationship. Don't be too eager to start any physical contact, as that may mean flirting with them.

The idea is to grab their attention, without any form of flirting.

So it is really not a must that you flirt with that hot guy or lady. Even though a little flirting might still be involved, you can grab his attention with these few subtle hints earlier discussed.

And when you finally get the attention, don't play hard to get. When he is really into you, you will know.