You Want A True And Loyal Friend? Then Be One

You Want A True And Loyal Friend? Then Be One

As Virginia Woolf once said: "Some people go to priests; others to poetry; I to my friends." To find a loyal friend you can share anything with and expect the most genuine feedback and help from, you have to be that kind of friend yourself.

But let's get something out of the way first, so that everything is clearly understood: a true friendship does not form in an instant.

For that deep, honest, and lasting friendship to be yours, you have to take your time and have lots of patience.

At times, you are lonely and hoping that someone would be by your side. That can only happen with the person you have given the same kind of support at their time of need.

Call When You Think Of This Friend

Don't ignore the urge to reach out to a friend if at all you know they would be open to the idea. Learn to put a smile on your friends' faces wherever you can, and if they are truly loyal, they will do the same for you.

Text. Tell them how much they mean to you and do whatever's necessary to let them know you cherish and care about them.

When You Ask About Their Lives, Listen

Don't be selfish, because that friend will also hold back when dealing with you. When you call or text to ask how they are doing, really listen.

And not only that, make sure you back up any promises you make with actions. If you keep your promises, they will keep their promises.

Otherwise, what is more important is showing that you care through hugs, attention, and declaring your love whenever you get a chance.

Be There For Them

When a friend is sick, be among those willing to tend to their needs.

When your friend has ambitions and dreams, encourage them to pursue them, and keep trying until they come true.

You should never leave a friend behind when they need you. It does not matter how difficult things get.

The moment you do, you will have lost an opportunity to have a loyal friend, and such doors don't open often in people's lives.

Let Them Know They Have Your Unconditional Love Support

A friend who knows they can count on you no matter what can be expected to do whatever it takes to help you in your hour of need.

To be a truly loyal friend, you have to make time for your friends. It does not matter how busy your schedule is, make them an important part of your life.

Beyond that, enjoy spending time with this friend.

Celebrate Them When They Achieve Something

You should be genuinely happy when this friend achieves something great. You have to be their greatest fan.

You will have to be completely honest as well, and very patient too. When you see them taking the wrong path, make them know they need to make some changes to their lives.

They might not like it at the time, but once they realize the truth, they will understand that you have their best intentions at heart. And that's priceless.

You also have to be very patient with this friend when they wrong you. Nobody is perfect, and you have to be understanding when you disagree with a friend.

Even in the middle of your fights, your concern for each other has to stand out.

Help Without Any Ulterior Motives

To have a truly loyal friend, you have to clarify that you are not being friendly so you can get something in return.

Be there when needed, even if you don't have any foreseeable need for their help.

So, do you think you are a loyal friend based on these points? The only way to get a loyal friend is to be one yourself, and that, ladies and gentlemen, is how it's done.