When You Love Someone, You Tell Them When You're Upset With Them

When You Love Someone, You Tell Them When You’re Upset With Them

You should not have to pretend that you are perfect for the person you love. You don't have to walk on eggshells around them to avoid dealing with tough issues. Hold nothing back. If you have negative emotions, let the person you love know about them as soon as possible.

Have the boldness to tell the person you love what you expect and need from them. There is no benefit in bottling up your emotions. Letting such feelings simmer will only result in a volatile reaction later on. That is how breakups happen "out of the blue."

Honesty is important in a loving relationship. Be honest, even when it's hard. Do not let things go unsaid, hoping that your partner will say what's bothering them.

Whenever you have something to say, tell them you want to talk about something and let it out. Playing games with each other will only complicate issues. It will make the bad times last longer. In cases where there is anger, it will mount until you cannot control it any longer.

You should never let someone you love feel bad about themselves. That is why you should let them know when you are upset, angry, or annoyed with them. The truth can hurt, but you have to tell it to them.

However, you have to package your truth in a respectful and mature manner. You should avoid blaming or shouting.

In general, don't seem like you are attacking your partner. You also have to be flexible, and understand that even if they made a mistake, there was never a deliberate attempt to harm you. In any case, the idea is to make the relationship healthier, not to hurt your partner or make them feel guilty.

In all likelihood, your partner probably didn't know that they did something wrong. It was only after you brought it up that they probably realized it. That is why you should not hide these things. Otherwise, the mistake can get repeated again and again. Therefore, you might think they are doing it on purpose when the fact is, they are not.

There is no point in pretending that all things are okay when you know that you are unhappy. It does not help the relationship. The suppressed negative emotions will make the connection between you strained.

That said, avoid dating anyone who has no interest in hearing you out when you are upset.

In all relationships, you have to deal with all the tough issues. It's okay if you feel vulnerable to your partner. In healthy relationships, all partners are vulnerable to each other.

Communication is key on all issues facing you as a couple.

It is through communication that your relationship can start heading in a direction that is agreeable to the both of you. Otherwise, odds are that you will start going your separate ways until it makes no sense to remain together.

So, whatever issues you face in your relationship, bring them out into the open. It should not matter how serious they are, they should be discussed openly.

Without communication, these issues will remain unsolved. And in all likelihood, things will get worse over time until it's too late to do anything to resolve them.

So, no matter how much you love the person, always be honest about everything.