You Shouldn't Fear Painful Split-Ups Because They Could Be A Stepping Stone To A Lifelong Love

You Shouldn’t Fear Painful Split-Ups Because They Could Be a Stepping Stone to a Lifelong Love

It's painful breaking up with someone you love, and getting over them is not the easiest thing in the world.

But as they say – life goes on. After all, there is always a tomorrow, and you can still choose to make it a happy one regardless of how your past has been.

In any case, you should never regret losing someone who never had a place in your life. And let's face it, if they could not stick around, then they were not right for you to begin with.

Out there, there is someone who is exclusively yours, or 'the one.'

The important thing to remember is that everyone who shows up in your life does so for a reason. Some people seem like they are meant to be, but all they teach you is a lesson. A lesson that will probably make you appreciate true love and enjoy it more when it finally comes into your life.

So, you are better off for the breakup you thought had brought your life to a devastating halt.

Obviously, it sucks that you had to pay such a high price for this lesson. Love makes you feel like you are flying, but when it disappoints you, there is no worse feeling. It's heartrending to give your heart and soul to someone and have them treat it like it means absolutely nothing.

But as one poet said, 'the wounds are the places where the light enters into you.'

So, look past the pain of the breakup and see it as an important step towards finding the love of your life. The heartbreak might have opened you to the truly amazing opportunities that true love brings into a person's life.

True love will make you feel happy, contented and, complete, and you will know you have found the real thing because you know what it feels like to give unrequited love from your past heartbreak.

Actually, in most cases, you find true love after you have lost the wrong love. And we get so emotionally entangled with the wrong person because the signs were there and we chose to look the other way. It was only when the inevitable bitter and painful end came that we could finally accept the reality that this relationship was never meant to be.

But the fact that you felt love for the wrong person is, in its own way, a good thing. It proves that you can love even people not worthy of your love.

And know one thing, now that you know so well what loving the wrong person is like when the right person comes along, you will know that you have found your one true love. More importantly, you will love that person more than you ever imagined possible, and you will love every moment of your time together.

Getting broken by the wrong person helps us know who we are, what we want, and what matters in this life.

From this experience, you learn the importance of having someone love you for who you are. The split-up leaves you better prepared for when this person comes along. You will know what a good relationship is like and you will have the motivation to protect it because you will understand its worth.

Love isn't a fairy tale, or is it?

With true love, you will have someone who will be by your side no matter what. This will be a person who brings out the best in you while making you feel better about yourself.

It will not always be perfect, but you will discover that true love is always worth it. The relationship will involve some give and take, and you will no longer struggle to understand your partner. No longer will your love story be a one-way street – everyone will be happy to pitch in.

True love can come in the most unexpected of ways. It might come at the most inappropriate of times as you might be still recovering from a broken heart at the moment.

But it changes everything. It will heal all the wounds of the past, and fill your heart with optimism.

So, if you are brokenhearted and your true love has not come knocking on your door just yet, hold on. It's on its way. And when it comes, you will forget all the pain. You will have no regrets, and you will find beauty and meaning in every moment of your life.