You Shouldn't Be Afraid To Lose Someone Who Doesn't Show Love And Respect

You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Lose Someone Who Doesn’t Show Love And Respect

There are many people who are in relationships but rather than enjoying being in that relationship, they spend more time worrying about losing their partner.

Of course, relationships can and do break up and there are no guarantees even if you are married. However, spending all your time being afraid to lose someone means you are wasting your life – especially if it is someone that doesn't show love and respect.

Signs You Are Not Getting the Love and Respect You Deserve

When a relationship comes to an end, it can be unsettling and even frightening to suddenly be facing the future alone. However, at the same time, if you are with someone who doesn't love and respect you as you deserve, you are wasting time and emotions on being afraid of losing them.

Some signs that you are not getting the love and respect you deserve include:

Dishonesty from Your Partner

If you find that your partner is regularly dishonest with you, you should not waste your time worrying about losing them. Honesty and trust are vital in any relationship if you want to stand a chance of success.

However, there are some people that will be dishonest about all sorts of things, even when they don't need to be. This means that they do not respect you as they should because they fail to be honest with you.

They Are Stuck in the Past

Some people find themselves with a partner who is stuck in the past, such as being hung up on their previous partner. Naturally, you don't need a third wheel in the relationship, so if your partner cannot or will not let go, it is time for you to call it a day.

When you have someone that is stuck in the past, you may feel a little sorry for them because sometimes they cannot help the way they feel. However, at the same time, there is no point that you get roped into being stuck in the past as well, as you have a life to get on with.

Failing to Take an Interest

You may feel that your partner takes little or no interest in the relationship unless it is to get something they want. This is certainly not a sign of love or respect, which is why you shouldn't worry about losing someone like this.

Someone who does not take an interest in the relationship and put you before everything else is clearly only in it for themselves. So, rather than being afraid of losing them, you should be proactive in getting rid of them and waiting for the right person to come along.

Not Supporting You

A partner who loves and respects you will be supportive of you in everything you do, whether it is your job, your education, or anything else. If your partner does not support you and there is no valid reason for this, it may be time to wave goodbye.

Failing to support someone or showing complete indifference to their achievements is a clear lack of respect. If your partner is like this, you should never be afraid of losing them, as it will probably be a good thing.

Look at the Bigger Picture

Of course, it is natural to be afraid to lose someone when you have been with them for a long time in a relationship. However, it is important to look at the bigger picture – look beyond that initial period where you have to get used to being without them.