You Should Never Make Your Foster Kids Appreciate What You Do For Them

You Should Never Make Your Foster Kids Appreciate What You Do For Them

Being a parent is serious business; and being a foster parent is no laughing matter.

Like any other kids, some foster kids pick up some bad habits and behaviors. But usually, you can't really blame them.

Remember That Many Foster Kids Grow Up In Pretty Toxic Environments

Keep in mind that this is the reason they usually require foster care.

So, even before you decided to become a foster parent, you have to take into account how their presence in your family might affect it.

When You Become A Foster Parent, You Have To Be Dead Serious About It

It should never matter if they have the right behaviors or not.

Deal with them as you would your own kids. Be as committed to them as you would to a biological child.

That means taking them to their countless appointments, feeding them properly, clothing them well, and guiding them along the best paths in life for them.

Even when they have behaviors you don't particularly like, you should not react more to them than you would your own kids.

Be as real a parent to them as you would to a biological child. Don't let their status as foster kids affect your treatment of them in any way.

You should never see them as a burden because you have to spend more on them. It does not matter if they have special needs like therapy and so forth.

They might not like your biological kids, but you cannot take it out on them. They don't do this to punish you, and you should not take it as a sign that they have no respect or appreciation for you.

Remember Why You Took Them On In The First Place

You wanted to give them a home and a life they would never get from their real parents or the foster care institutions.

Your foster kids should not have to be thankful to you for what you do for them.

It's okay if they are, but it's not a must that they are appreciative of you and your services.

After all, you wouldn't expect your own kids to thank you for all the countless demands they put on you.

Foster Kids Might Like What You Do For Them, Or Not, And That's Okay

They are YOUR kids, and they have a right to express their feelings. It should not matter if it's what you want to hear or not.

Yes, they will often piss you off or seem more demanding than you would like. But that's kids for you, whether biological or foster.

They Can Be As Impulsive And Ungrateful As Regular Kids

But you can show them the upsides of being grateful for what life has given them, but not to you.

Provide for them. Go the extra mile as only a parent would. Love them with all you have.

Make your home their home and let them feel they have the best parent the universe would give them in you. They are your kids in every sense of the words.