You Need A Sarcastic Best Friend, And Here's Why

You Need A Sarcastic Best Friend, And Here’s Why

Laughter is the best medicine, and sarcasm is without a doubt among the best forms of humor in the world. It's always a blessing to have a friend with a good sense of humor.

So, if you have a sarcastic friend, count yourself lucky because you get to enjoy these 8 things by having them around.

1. They Will Always Be There For You

The good thing about sarcastic friends is that they are not hypocrites. They mean what they say and do what they promise. They are amazing friends who stand by you through thick and thin. They are as loyal as they are honest.

2. No Self-Censorship

Sarcastic friends hold nothing back. While that might seem like a bad thing, it is actually a plus because they will really come through when the truth needs to be said. If someone is mistreating you and you are afraid to speak up, this friend will not hesitate to call the person out on their behavior.

3. Telling It As It Is

A friend who can tell you the truth is very valuable, and a sarcastic friend always does. If you are going off the rails, this friend will make sure you know it.

They don't protect you from the truth and let you get ruined by lies. If someone is disrespecting you behind your back, count on this friend to tell you the truth so you know who's a true friend and who's not.

4. They Can Really Talk You Up

There is no better friend to talk you up to potential dates than a sarcastic friend. With their jokes and intimate knowledge of you, these friends know how to make you seem like the most interesting and amazing person ever. But this trait can also be a curse, especially when some people don't appreciate their sense of humor.

5. Hard To Offend

Some people like to brag about how much they like to speak the truth. But try to tell them some harsh truth about them, and the friendship might very well come to an end if you don't end up with a punch to your face. For a sarcastic friend, hearing the harsh truth will not be a problem.

6. Offending You Doesn't Bother Them

Although a sarcastic friend knows where your buttons are, they will not be afraid to push them if it comes to that. They never do it out of ill-will, but to help you out.

If you are moping over a failed relationship, they will tell you what you did wrong even if it offends you if they believe accepting that truth will help you get back to your happy self.

7. They Inspire You

Although sarcastic friends will not hesitate to point out your weaknesses to you, they will also be your greatest source of support when you need a friend to propel you towards your dreams.

8. They Know When To Be Serious

It might sound, based on everything we have discussed, that sarcastic friends know no limits. But they do. When you are not in the mood for jokes, they will hold them off. They are good at picking between scenarios where sarcasm can work and situations where it might be offensive and unwelcome.

If you have a sarcastic friend, then you have a great friend indeed. These people know the value of friendship, and they will always attempt to make you a better person. You will appreciate having them around because they understand friendship better than most people.