You Might Have Found Your One And Only

You Might Have Found Your One And Only

We all know that feeling, that beautiful, magical feeling of just meeting someone we find fascinating. It's the butterflies in your stomach, love in the brain, nervous excitement that suddenly gives every love song meaning. All you want to do now is tell the world how happy you are. This might also be the time you become terrified of getting into something too quickly or simply of getting hurt... again.

Love can be a painful mistress and balancing that with everything else you have in your life can be difficult, to say the least, terrifying if you've had your heart broken before. Despite everything, you got back on the horse, and guess what, you think you might just be in love. Who knows, this one might just be "The ONE."

You feel it in every fiber of your being. You want this to work more than anything you've ever wanted to work. So here are a couple of tips to know if you've found The One.

You always want to spend time with them

I just started dating someone and I seriously cannot get enough of him! It's almost an obsession, but that's also a really good sign. Not the obsession part but the desire to spend time with your significant other. You know he's the one when he's just as obsessed. Dates should end, planning more dates and figuring out when you can see each other again. You might have just found yourself The One.

You can be yourself

One of the most important things about a new partner and a huge sign that you've found yourself a keeper, or in this case, The One, is that you can be yourself. If you have a hidden part of yourself or feel like you're wearing a mask, move on. Never be afraid of being who you are, and if someone else doesn't like it, they aren't The One.

There is definitely a connection

It might not be a finishing each other's sentence connection, but it's there. Maybe you're both passionate about the same things. Maybe you can talk for hours about anything. Whatever it is, it's there. No doubt about it.

You have that goofy smile

You know the one. A message lights up your phone and that spark of hope becomes that crazy smile your friends know exactly who texted you. That smile that graces your face every time you think of them, see their face, or talk about them.

You're inexplicably drawn to them

You can sense their presence around you, maybe it's their cologne or maybe it's the electricity. Either way, your eyes are drawn to them, you seem to gravitate towards them and if you can find a way to brush their hand, well, all the better.

You will move heaven and earth to make this work

That might not be the best thing to do. Moving heaven and earth for other people sometimes doesn't work out. However, when it comes to this time, you're willing to make the sacrifices needed so that it will go the distance. The moment you find yourself willing to put in the work, you may have just found yourself the one. Not everyone deserves the efforts we put into our relationships, but sometimes, normally, once in a lifetime, someone comes along that proves to us that The One actually exists.

Be happy, be yourself and overall, be open to see what life brings. Maybe your One hasn't shown up yet. Maybe he or she is already here. Wherever you may be, enjoy it.