You Might Be Too Beautiful For Employment, Woman Proves, Confirming Study Findings

You Might Be Too Beautiful For Employment, Woman Proves, Confirming Study Findings

If you are too beautiful, women won't trust you and men won't take you seriously in a regular workplace setting.

Besides proving that the phrase, "too much of a good thing" is right after all, this is quite a bummer, right?

And this is not made up, a Russian woman constantly missed out on employment opportunities despite her great qualifications as a lawyer on account of her looks.


Research gives credence to her shocking claims.

According To Sex Roles, Attractive Women Are Often Seen As Less Honest And Trustworthy

Needless to say, these are important qualities in any employment setting.

Therefore, women who are beautiful to the point of being a distraction end up getting fewer offers when seeking work.


The woman, Irina Kova, related her plight by explaining how her recruiter told her to tone down her looks to be taken more seriously by employers.

Being a natural blonde, she was asked to dye her hair black before going for an interview.

That was not all, she was also asked to find other ways to tone down her looks because she could never get a job "looking like that."

As it turns out, the recruiter was onto something.


After Dying Her Hair Black, More Job Offers Came Her Way

Seeing that it was working, she took things a little further and started wearing clear glasses for a more professional look once she secured work.

But that did not work as well as she thought it would. She still stood out, and that got her into trouble. In office settings, she was made to feel terrible for her looks.


A boss went as far as telling her to be humble instead of standing out too much.

Getting Employment Does Not Really End The Struggle For Attractive Women

They still have to deal with the consequences of their outstanding beauty even after they get hired.


Even though the woman stopped wearing makeup, and dressed modestly and conservatively, there was little she could do about her big eyes and lips, which made her beauty shine through despite her clothing choices.

So, she still got attention for her looks.

In general, she felt that women such as herself are seen as a problem in workplace settings because they can be a distraction to men. Women also have a problem letting you in because they have a hard time trusting you.


Attractive Women In The Workplace Are Considered Disruptive And Less Likely To Fit In

That's terrible, don't you think?

Luckily for Irina, she found other ways to make a living. She started her own vintage clothing business, which goes to show the modeling industry might be a little more welcoming of a woman with looks like hers.