You Might Be Hotter Than You Think, If You See These 7 Signs

You Might Be Hotter Than You Think, If You See These 7 Signs

As much as we like to think we have ourselves all figured out, we can be very wrong about how the world sees us.

Moment of truth: at one point or another, each of us has gauged our hotness, primarily based on how the world responds to our looks, appearance, and presence.

But because your face was pimply and oily when you were a teen, and that got you lots of snide comments, it does not mean you are not attractive today.

Yep, many of us are complete bombshells and we don't even know it.

In fact, here are 7 signs that you are really hot, although you are unaware of it, you clueless eye candy.

1. You Hardly Get Compliments From Both Men And Women

They think you know you are hot, that's why. Yep, and also tired of hearing it. So, they don't bother telling you how hot you are, even on days when you are sure you are rocking it with that amazing hairstyle and those trendy clothes. They assume you know, and now you really do.

2. People Are Surprised To Hear You Have Physical Insecurities

We think certain things about ourselves make us less appealing than the rest of the world. So, you might tell people you are insecure about the way your eyes look and they might be completely shocked.

They probably see that as one of the most attractive things about you. Some might think you are indirectly trying to brag about your gorgeous eyes. And they are right. Otherwise, you would have received lots of comments about your "strange" eyes in your childhood.

3. You Have Caught Someone Staring At You On More Than One Occasion

We get it, sometimes it's creepy to have a stranger gaze at you all night long, despite your attempts to ignore them. They can't help it, because you are a looker.

4. People Look At You When You Walk By

You have noticed this, but I guess you have paid little attention to it. But trust me, people don't pay attention to everyone who walks by. If they are doing this, it's because you are easy on the eyes.

5. You Get Lots Of Action

You never go for long without being in relationships or without someone obsessing over you. Believe it or not, this is not normal. Only hot people enjoy these kinds of life.

6. You Get Compliments, But Off-Handed

We have already realized that one sign of universal hotness is people not giving you enough compliments. Let me also add that if the compliments you get are off-handed, then this confirms you are hot. For instance, you can get comments like, "I'm sure you get complimented on your beautiful eyes a lot." Although you actually don't, such comments say a lot.

7. You're Honest, And That Makes You Irresistible

You are going on about your life, seemingly unconcerned with what's happening in the world. And yet, people are trying to get to you somehow. That's proof that you are attractive, not only on the inside but also on the outside.

Surprised? Don't be. The world generally thinks hot people know they are hot. That's why most people don't see a need to keep pointing it out. It probably sounds unfair, but I bet you do it to others for the same reasons as well.