You Don't Need Words To Say I Love You: 10 Wonderful Examples

You Don’t Need Words To Say I Love You: 10 Wonderful Examples

The first time you say "I love you" to someone is important. And so it is when you say it for the last time. But in between words can be entirely useless. Actions speak louder!

Love language doesn't necessarily include words. If you genuinely do love and appreciate someone, there are many ways to express your feelings clearly, without even speaking.

It is particularly important to communicate with your partner via actions now so that it becomes a habit for your upcoming years and decades. Additionally, you'll want to spice things up and show your creativity, so let's start by inspiring you to speak love. Minus actual talking.

Give them a romantic and encouraging note when they're facing challenges at work. You can draw something funny, and add detail only the two of you will understand. It might cheer them up and be just the boost they needed from you.

Pick up their favorite snacks or flowers for no reason. Just because you know what they like and because you're a thoughtful partner.

Prepare them a bath after a long day. Light up candles, add essential oils and turn on calming music. Create an oasis, a spa-like experience, because your loved one deserves it.

Do their part of chores. If you have more time than your partner, be practical and get rid of the mess, while they are busy working or studying.

Do something nice for their family or friends. Remember when Aidan helped Miranda in Sex and The City? That's love: checking out on their friend in need.

You know how your partner always wants something like a band-aid, mint, lip balm, or a napkin, but they never carry it with them? Well, remember that the next time you go out and be their hero.

Join them in watching their favorite show. Even if it's not your cup of tea, you can give them a massage or simply enjoy the time you're spending together. Just don't mention how much you hate that TV show or how stupid the acting is…

Wake up a bit earlier, make breakfast and coffee. Then, wake up your other half and have an exquisite meal, talk to each other, and enjoy living the good life.

Plan a trip of their dreams. People often drop hints about all the places they dream of visiting. Make at least one of the wishes come true, and show up with the tickets. It shows you're listening to them, and you're not afraid to splurge when it comes to the love of your life.

Get old school creative: you can't make a mixtape, but you can do the next best thing – create a playlist of your favorite couple songs and put it on USB. It's cute, cheap, and nostalgic.

Don't be shy when it comes to showering your partner with compliments. Save the words "I love you" for genuinely special moments, which will make them more memorable. In the meantime, stick to small and grand gestures!