You Don't Need To Worry About Joe Biden's Tax Plan If These Tweets Apply To You

You Don't Need To Worry About Joe Biden's Tax Plan If These Tweets Apply To You

Are you rich enough to be affected by Joe Biden's tax plan? That's the burning question on Twitter ever since it became clear that the Democratic candidate has a real chance to win the 2020 elections.

Biden's tax plan will affect people who are making more than 400.000 USD each year. Yet, many are panicking, despite the simple fact that not many US citizens actually have that kind of money.

Perhaps they are planning to become millionaires in the upcoming years? Or they need a break from following the election, so they choose to focus on something else? Who knows, but Twitter is having a great time, and we're thinking about joining them.

Let's be real here: no one mocks people who aren't making 400K, but about the fact that they're freaking out for no reason. Are you really among part of Biden's tax plan? Here are 18 sure signs you aren't.

The Tweet that started it all:

One meme can often turn a plain, boring day into a Twitter party. And this is one of those memes, which belong in the Hall of Twitter fame.

So, let's follow the responses, which are equally hilarious!

Rich ones have 10 for 1, so you're safe.

No joke, but did you know that truly rich ones have like 10 products for each toe?

They are seriously missing the joy of using two products for your whole hair, body, and face.

Sleeping like a king

If your pillow looks like that, you have other things to think about. Like, how to use a washing machine?

But it's only to reduce waste... Who Am I Kidding?

Do you know that those wealthy individuals throw away bottles? And they will never learn the joy of using a product until it bleeds? Or you start bleeding from all the squeezing?

This is actually scientifically accurate

You know that rich people are cheap. But, you also know that they're not desperate, like the vast majority of us. And it's ok, as long as we're working for those making over 400K.

Best tweet ever?

Can't argue with that logic

However, if your fridge is silver, you might be in trouble. If it's red or any other color, dude, you're gonna pay!

At least they're tasty

I bet "Karen" would never put this on the table.
But it's tasty, so the rich ones are the real losers!

Twitter's on fire because all of this is so true

Uber is for moderately poor

Rich people have drivers, or they have Teslas.

We have Uber, and that's only if we can afford it. If not, call your bestie or walk.

Self-explanatory, hence no need for any comments

At least it's good for your back

Imagine Goop at Walmarts! Yikes!

In the past few years, if it's not vegan-gluten-free-organic, and so on, it's for the poor.

I don't know about you, but this tweet is a bit depressing. Or am I upset over not being part of Biden's tax plan?

Chilli accident? It would never happen to a rich person!

First of all, if you're earning over 400K, do you still use a microwave? Why don't you have a chef for your vegan-gluten-free-healthy-whatever?

Or someone to peel your avocadoes while the other person's doing your hair?

Is this still a thing? Twitter says so

One must wonder: why do people do this? Didn't we leave this in the late 90s?

You once had alcohol; we get it!

We get it, but it's kind of silly and a lot like something a frat boy would keep. The only thing missing - a pair of woman's underwear. In bright pink.

So, Olive Garden isn't fancy? Odd

I am not joking, but the place is quite posh.

Or most of us win the popular vote because most of us do believe it's fancy, like Victoria Beckham, or those Isabel Marant's boots I will never be able to afford.

OK, but you should not even drink it, to be fair

If you can't bother to learn how to pronounce it, don't mess with the Italian legacy. Yup, some of us believe that it's bigger than pizza!

Sincerely, the writing team!

Sharing is caring, right? Wrong!

Let's not pretend this isn't the whole truth and nothing but. Yet, why would you pay if you can steal your sister's password?

They will not get my money, that's for sure, which goes both for Netflix and Joe Biden!