You Don't Need Lots Of Terrible Friends, You Just Need A Few Good Ones

It's possible that you have a million acquaintances, but when it comes to dealing with significant issues, you likely rely on only a select few trusted friends. It may appear that others have a larger social circle than you, but that's probably not the case. The truth is, there's a significant distinction between people you get along with and those you know will support you when things get tough. Below are some reasons why having a few close friends is perfectly normal and why they are all you require.


1. You Can Only Truly Trust So Many People

It would be incredibly awesome if we could rely on everyone we know to protect our most intimate and confidential thoughts, but unfortunately, that's not the reality. Actually discovering a few friends whom we can trust with our lives is a significant achievement in itself, and it's ultimately all that matters.

2. You Don't Have The Bandwidth For Big Groups Of People

In November 2014, the Society for Personality and Social Psychology released a study revealing that while people typically have 150 acquaintances, their cognitive capacity only allows for 15 close friends with whom they might share confidential information, and only five best friends whom they will undoubtedly confide in. This appears to be accurate.


3. It Takes Time To Get To Know People

If we didn't have jobs or responsibilities, we would likely have more opportunities to develop deeper connections. However, in reality, forming new friendships isn't always a top priority when we already have meaningful relationships with those we know well.

4. Quality Over Quantity

Individuals usually feel more secure with a small group of close friends due to more effective and frequent communication. What's the point of having 30 so-called "best friends" if none of them can be relied upon?


5. Having Solid Friendships Keeps You Healthy

Having strong bonds with friends has been associated with lower incidence of the common cold, and some studies have even linked such bonds to reduced mortality rates.

6. You Can Only Do So Much Texting

We all have those moments when we choose to ignore group chats, even if they consist of our supposed "friends." After all, we have to conserve our energy somewhere!


7. Your BFFs Just GET You

Even if you don't see your best friend frequently, when you do finally get the chance to hang out, it tends to be effortless and enjoyable. This is in contrast to running into casual acquaintances at the gym, which can be quite awkward and dramatic.

8. There Are A Lot Of Factors That Go Into Intimacy

Intimacy is an essential component of any close friendship, and developing such a bond requires several factors. Finding the right person to form a close relationship with can be just as challenging as finding the right romantic partner.


9. You're Able To Let Your Guard Down With Your Girls

When spending time with newer or less close friends, you may not feel comfortable completely letting your guard down. However, with your closest friends, your guard has already been lowered, and you don't have to think twice about being yourself around them.

10. You Can Actually Take Their Advice

In theory, you could seek personal advice from anyone you know, but in reality, you might not want to. Your closest friends have knowledge of your backstory, strengths, and weaknesses, enabling them to provide productive and meaningful advice.


11. A Forced Friendship Isn't Really A Friendship At All

There is a level of comfort that comes with close friends that is absent with casual acquaintances. Planning events with a large group of unfamiliar people can be a stressful experience. However, you can always count on the few close friends who will show up no matter what.