You Don't Actually Want Your Boyfriend To Treat You Like A Princess

It's time to abandon the notion that life should be a fairy tale and that being a princess is a desirable position. In reality, princesses don't have it as easy as we believe. Particularly in a relationship, being treated like royalty is far from ideal. A good boyfriend should treat you as an equal, rather than a damsel in distress who requires a protective male figure. Therefore, it's time to dispel the myth that "good boyfriends" should treat their partners like princesses.

1. It's Better To Be Independent

As a self-sufficient woman, there's no need to rely on a man to "rescue" you from your parents, inner demons, or life in general. You possess the strength and autonomy to save yourself. There's no justification for waiting around for Prince Charming to come to your aid when you're fully capable of accomplishing anything he can.

2. Relationships Require Teamwork

If your partner sees himself as your protector, it may lead him to believe that he's in charge. In a healthy relationship, however, both parties should be regarded as equals. Your partner shouldn't feel obligated to solely take care of you. Instead, both of you should take care of each other.

3. You Shouldn't Be Able To Do Whatever You Want

While princesses have the freedom to command others, having a boyfriend who complies with your every request may not be desirable. It may seem appealing, but it's important to consider whether that's truly what you want in a relationship. If you have respect for your partner, you wouldn't anticipate him to cater to your every whim.

4. There's More To You Than Beauty

Prince Eric was smitten with Ariel, despite the fact that he never heard her speak, solely due to her physical beauty. However, while you may be physically attractive, it's crucial that your partner values you for more than just your appearance.

5. Your Life Shouldn't Revolve Around Him

Snow White sang about waiting for her prince to arrive, Sleeping Beauty needed a kiss to awaken from her deep sleep, and even Simba wasn't content until he had Nala by his side. However, it's important for both you and your partner to understand that you don't need each other to feel complete. While relationships are significant, they aren't the sole purpose of life, as there are so many other fulfilling things to experience.

6. Gifts Aren't Everything

Being materialistic isn't necessary. You don't need your boyfriend to lavish you with pricey presents to prove his love for you. The small gestures, such as the way he gazes at you and playfully interacts with you, hold greater value than any diamond ever could.

7. You Shouldn't Be Lazy

Believing that it's acceptable to coast through life without contributing to your partner's well-being is a mistaken notion. Whether it's earning money to assist them financially or doing household chores to share the workload, taking action in some form is crucial. No one has the privilege of being apathetic in a relationship.

8. Compliments Should Be Meaningful

It's unrealistic to anticipate your boyfriend to shower you with compliments constantly. In doing so, the compliments will lose their authenticity. Wouldn't you prefer your man to wait until he has something meaningful to express, rather than uttering insincere remarks just to appease you?

9. You're Not A Victim

Typically, princesses in stories are depicted as helpless victims. They're abducted, mistreated, or imprisoned. However, your boyfriend should never regard you with condescension or sympathy, as if you're a defenseless victim. You are far too resilient for that.

10. Happily Ever Afters Take Time

In fairy tales, everything falls into place once the princess meets her prince. However, in reality, relationships are seldom that easy. If your boyfriend tries to ignore any issues simply because you love each other, the relationship will fall apart quickly. It's preferable for him to recognize any weak points you may have so that you can work on them together and ultimately achieve that fairy tale happily ever after.