You Do Not Have "Bad Luck" In Love — Here Is What Is Really Going On

It's easier to attribute your string of bad relationships to bad luck when you've had too many of them, rather than acknowledging the possibility that you could be the root of the problem. While bad luck may play a role, it's not always the sole factor to consider.

1. You Focus More On The Outside Than The Inside

Attractive individuals are undeniably appealing! It's an incredible feeling to be with someone who is so strikingly good-looking that everyone's gaze follows you both as you enter a restaurant. However, the issue with placing too much emphasis on physical appearance is that it can prevent you from seeing beyond the exterior to discover what truly lies within. This is not to imply that all attractive people lack depth or substance, but rather to point out that without taking the time to explore someone's inner qualities, it's difficult to establish a lasting connection.


2. You Think You Can Change People

Oh dear, it seems like you're persisting in trying to make that wounded bird fly. How many times will you try? It's time to accept that you can't change people. While you may be able to make some minor adjustments, in most cases, that's not enough for someone who's truly struggling. It's time to stop trying and move on.

3. Your Self-Confidence Needs Some Work

Individuals who lack self-confidence often underestimate themselves and make compromises. Settling means choosing individuals who are not only undeserving of you but also inferior to you in multiple aspects. Such a relationship is unlikely to endure. Although developing self-confidence is not a simple task, acknowledging the need to improve your self-esteem is the starting point for improving your fortunes. Once you recognize this, you will notice the negative patterns in your life beginning to fade away.


4. You Haven't Learned From Past Relationships

Seriously, if you're not taking away any valuable lessons from each relationship or fling you have, then you're doing it all wrong. Even in good relationships, there's always something to learn and apply to future relationships. And this is especially true when it comes to bad relationships. Don't fall into the trap of repeating the same mistakes due to laziness or apathy. Take the time to learn your lessons and break the cycle of bad luck.


5. You Ignore Red Flags

Frankly speaking, I don't feel sorry for individuals who notice warning signs but decide to overlook them. This implies that I also have no compassion for my 25-year-old self. It's one thing to disregard a single red flag, but it's ludicrous to continue pursuing a person when multiple red flags emerge. You cannot attribute your "unfortunate" love life to chance when you intentionally dive into a pool of red flags.


6. You Dismiss Concerned Friends And Family

Although it can be irritating to receive unsolicited advice from our loved ones regarding our romantic affairs, the truth is that they often possess a clearer perspective as they are not directly involved. This is scientifically proven. It requires a great deal of courage and vulnerability for a family member or friend to express concern about our relationship choices. Therefore, instead of disregarding their input, it would be beneficial to at least listen to their concerns. Their words may actually resonate with us.


7. You Let Yourself Get Walked All Over

Life is too brief to let others trample all over you like a doormat. Allowing people to walk all over you not only stunts personal growth but also causes you to diminish into a mere shadow of your former self. You become a version of yourself that lacks self-respect, rather than being your authentic self.

8. You're More About Mr Right Now Than Mr Right

While it is reasonable for some individuals to not want to be single, ultimately one must ponder: is it preferable to be content alone or unhappy in a relationship? While some may argue for the latter, if you wish to evade all the negative romantic experiences, it's wise to opt for the former. I assure you that Mr. Right exists, but you will never encounter him if you are fixated on Mr. Right Now.


9. You Blame "Bad Luck" When You Should Blame Yourself

In conclusion, the root cause of your romantic misfortunes is ultimately yourself. If you desire a chance at finding genuine love and all its associated joys, it's necessary to scrutinize your past choices and make better ones in the future. By doing so, you can break the cycle of bad luck in love and open yourself up to meaningful relationships.