You Did Not Choose Trauma, But Healing Is Your Responsibility

You Did Not Choose Trauma, But Healing Is Your Responsibility

You did not choose to be damaged and broken. That was totally beyond your control. And of course, you did not deserve it. Someone tried to destroy you without cause.

Maybe they did not even mean it, you just happened to be in their way when they went on a rampage.

On Some Level, All Of Us Suffer From Some Trauma

Some of us even invited the events that traumatized us through the mistakes we made.

But whatever happened, the important thing is that we all need to heal. Otherwise, we might pass on the damage we suffered to those we love without even realizing it.

Life does not always deal you a winning hand, but you still have to play. You might have lost, but at least you survived. The important thing is that there was a next time.

At the end of the day, you have to heal. Don't let the burden of the trauma you suffered weigh you down.

However Unfair The Reason For The Trauma Was, You Have To Let Go Of The Pain

If you let the pain stay within you, you will pass it on to those you care about.

Let's admit it, you would never wish the trauma you suffered on anyone else, especially those you love. So, making sure you heal is not a small responsibility.

Wishful thinking will also not help, understand that. You actually have to make an effort to get better.

You will also have to learn to forgive people who aren't even sorry for what they did. So, start by losing the bitterness and resentment, and then you can forgive and heal.

By Not Healing, You Are Holding Yourself Back

You will never reach your full potential if the trauma is always reminding you of how you failed in the past.

If you don't get over that heartbreak you suffered, you will never be ready for the relationship that will change your life for good and bring you joy and happiness.

You probably think some people have never known the pain of trauma. But it's not true. I can assure you that some of the people you and the rest of the world admire so much have overcome horrifying traumas to get to where they are.

Healing the trauma does not mean you are letting the people who hurt you get away with it. It means that you have chosen to be greater than the pain so you can enjoy the beautiful future that awaits you.

By Healing, You Become Stronger, Wiser, And Kinder

You can never be the person you always wanted to be if all you feel is the pain of the things you suffered in the past. When you heal, you become a better version of yourself.

Holding on to the pain makes you hold back those you love.

You cannot genuinely pursue your dreams with trauma so alive in you, and you will also find yourself hindering other people's ambitions.

Healing yourself also prepares you for other challenges life has in store for you. Because let's face it, life is never a bed of roses.

You Will Have To Overcome Various Odds Before You Reach Your Ultimate Goal In Life

People will hurt you, that's for sure. So, you might as well learn to deal with that early enough so you can focus on things that make your life and the lives of those around you better.

You have to learn to get past these challenges and heal the traumas you suffer. Otherwise, life will become nothing but pain and misery for you and those close to you.