You Deserve More Than A Halfway Kind Of Love

You Deserve More Than A Halfway Kind Of Love

Dear ladies, please do not settle for less than you deserve. Nowadays, we have gotten into the habit of settling for less. Who told you that you are not worth having something special? Who told you that taking whatever is thrown our way is okay? Why can't you decide that you've had enough of these not so great relationships? Yes, they make you feel safe. Getting out of your comfort zone sounds scary. I get that,but it shouldn't be the reason why you settle for a halfway kind of love. If you are not sure whether you have settled or not, please read on to find out.

He's not worthy of you if he doesn't want to commit

Is he giving you excuses about why he doesn't want to commit? Then he's not worth your time. Do not be in an undefined relationship with the hope that one day he may change his mind and take you seriously. If you do that, you will be waiting a long time. The worst part is that you will miss out on finding that one guy who treats you like a queen. Why waste time? Get out now.

You are special, If he cannot see that, leave him

You need to be with someone who acknowledges the fact that you are special. Someone who will invest 100% into the relationship because they know that you deserve it. You need someone who is with you for the long haul. If he is not acting like this, then it is time for you to part ways to pave the way for someone who will.

He should show you every day just how important you are

If he is totally interested in being with you, then he will do more than just tell you how he feels. He will show you. His actions will show you how important you are to him. He will put you before everything else. He will listen to you and seek your opinion on all matters, trivial or major. He will go out of his way to ensure that you are happy and protected.

His love will be consistent

He will love you in good times and bad. His love will not be seasonal. If he is madly in love with you, you will not notice a change in the way he treats you even when you disagree or fight. He will love you even when you add those extra pounds or when you are moody. If his love is the halfway kind, then you will notice that his love won't be consistent. He'll choose when to love you and when not to.

He will listen to you when you speak your mind

You're probably afraid of voicing your opinions or sharing your feelings because you know that he won't listen or take you seriously. So you'll decide to keep everything to yourself to avoid trouble or getting hurt. If this is you, then darling you have settled, and there's trouble ahead whether you like it or not. I know you know it, so why not take that bold step and leave him? You are the one who will come out victorious in the end. Not him. You know why? Because he will never find someone like you. Never.