Every good woman deserves to have a man who will treat them with respect. You are unique. You are your own person and you should be proud of that. Never feel like you do not deserve the best of the best because you do. You deserve the kind of love that makes moments in your life worth living for. You should be loved by a man who knows how to make life good for you, and how to make you happy.  There’s one thing that you should know, most women will have to do a lot of waiting before they meet the man they really should spend life with. That is completely okay though because trust me when I say, the right man will be well worth the wait.

There are just too many of us who often fight it out in unloving and unfulfilling relationships that are just not worthy of us. Let’s be honest relationships like these really aren’t worth any of our attention and most definitely none of our time. These relationships are nothing but struggle, and we never seem to find any peace when we stay in them. We grow through life and discover that we really shouldn’t settle for just any kind of love. We need relationships that not only add any value to our lives but fulfill us in every way.

You are an amazing human being who is deserving of a unique and strong kind of love – and that unique love comes from a unique man.

We all deserve to have the kind of man who we can open up to. The man who is going to make you feel totally comfortable whenever you’re together. He’s going to make you feel like you can say anything to him at any time without judgment.

You deserve to have a man who really encourages you to be better. The kind of man who will motivate and inspire you to reach the absolute highest potentials in life. He will teach you that the life of settling, just to be with someone is not an option anymore.

You deserve to have a man who makes you laugh. A man who will bring light and happiness into your life. He will be able to make you laugh so hard even when you don’t want to. He will have a sense of humor that matches yours, and he will make you feel comfortable with him all the time.

This man will be kindness itself, he will never get tired of making you happy and for him, your happiness comes before his own. Every opportunity to make you happy will be what he strives for.

This man will fight for you. He will know that the love you have to give, isn’t a given, he will earn it from you. He will earn it from you every day by his actions not his words. He’s willing to accept the challenge of achieving your love and will strive to win you over in your times of doubt.

You should have the kind of man who isn’t afraid of being open and sharing the future with you. Not a “little boy” in his mind that is merely caught up in the moment, but a man dedicated to building a future with you. He will be forward thinking and responsible, and mature enough to know that the future with you will show you his dedication and love for you.

You should have the kind of man who really gets you. This is the man who will understand you whatever you’re feeling at any moment in time. This is the kind of man who will always try his best to listen to you and make you feel like your thoughts and opinions are always important and valid to him.

You deserve to be with a man who makes you feel appreciated. This man would never forgo an opportunity to tell you what you’re worth to him. This man is going to make sure that you know you mean everything to him. He will never hesitate to let you know just how important you are to him.

You deserve to have the kind of man who will always treat you with respect. This is the man who WILL respect you. A man who will never treat you any less than you deserve to be treated. He will understand that you will have boundaries and that he will always have to respect those boundaries.

You deserve to have the kind of man who makes you his priority. This is the man who will never make you feel like you’re in second place. He will always make it a point to keep his promises, as he knows you have had this point of trust broken by those before him. You deserve to have the kind of man who loves you unconditionally, we all do.

Go at your own pace, this love will come to you sooner or later there is no timescale. Some have it now,  others will find it later. We all have our individual pace. You are worth this kind of love and this kind of love is most definitely worth waiting for. Just remember, when you do find this man, the man that is perfect for you; treat him good. Do all of this for him, and he will do this and more for you. You two will live a life of fulfillment and happiness.