You Could Be Completely Wrong About Your Real Astrological Sign. There's Been A Huge Mistake

You Could Be Completely Wrong About Your Real Astrological Sign. There’s Been A Huge Mistake

Many of us can't put the paper down without going over the horoscope section. It's a guilty pleasure turned tradition.

After all, who doesn't want to know what the future might hold?

Knowing that your day at work was especially rough after your star sign said you brace yourself for some challenges during the day helps. I can vouch for that.

But now they tell us what you call your star sign might not be your star sign.

Quite a shocker, isn't it?

Like you, I'm sure this bit of news might take you by surprise. I was a little shocked myself to find out I was not a Libra as I previously thought.

Imagine how I felt after all those years of believing beyond reasonable doubt that this was "my sign."

I was in love with my sign, proud of it, and absolutely sure I fit all its traits.

But the truth is what it is, and a time comes when you have to deal with it face to face.

I know you are curious to see where you are by this new order of things.

You might be among the lucky few who still manage to stay within the astrological sign fate gave you when you were born (I'm making the broad assumption everyone loves their place on the current zodiac).

Here, Check Out Your Real Astrological Sign

1. Capricorn (Jan 20-Feb 16)

2. Aquarius (Feb 16-Mar 11)

3. Pisces (Mar 11-Apr 18)

4. Aries (Apr 18-May 13)

5. Taurus (May 13-Jun 21)

6. Gemini (Jun 21-Jul 20)

7. Cancer (Jul 20-Aug 10)

8. Leo (Aug 10-Sep 16)

9. Virgo (Sep 16-Oct 30)

10. Libra (Oct 30-Nov 23)

11. Scorpio (Nov 23-Nov 29)

12. Ophiuchus (Nov 29-Dec 17)

13. Sagittarius (Dec 17-Jan 20)

Happy? That, apparently, is the way things should be.

In case you completely missed it, which I doubt you could, this zodiac increases the number of signs from 12 to 13. The Ophiuchus sign was not on the list before.

So, What The Hell Just Happened?

Babylonians came up with the zodiac about 3000 years ago. That's the original zodiac that comprised the 12 signs you might already know about.

Each person was born and assigned a sign based on the constellation the sun was "in" at the time.

That was before more knowledge of the sun, stars, and the earth came to light.

But even then, the Babylonians knew there was a 13th zodiac sign, but they skipped it on purpose, something to do with luck and the number 13. Anyway, they had to get the signs down to 12. And just like that, one had to go.

There're More Changes To Come

According to NASA, you should brace yourself for more changes. The earth's axis has changed direction over all those years, completely changing the dates each of these constellations describes.

And astronomy tells us that Mercury is retrograding, and that might turn everything you believe about astrology signs as you know them on its head.

But you know what that means?

There might be hope for me after all. Or not. We could end up in completely new zodiac territories. But I'm not so sure anymore. Well, that's me, classic Libra. Indecisive, forever seeking balance.

Tell us, what are your thoughts on this?