You Can't Change A Man Even If You Love Him. Only He Can Change Himself For The Woman He Loves

You Can’t Change A Man Even If You Love Him. Only He Can Change Himself For The Woman He Loves

Girls try to change men into the partners they would like. So, that's not news. Also well-known is the fact that many women fail in this endeavor.

But still, there are men out there who do a complete turnaround for the sake of the women in their lives. What's their secret?

What does it take to change a man?

You love the man. Sparks flew when you met. You could and can still chat for ages. You have many common interests. You have an endless list of reasons to keep the relationship going.


Except for the fact that there are a couple of things you would like to change about him. Over time, you have come to realize that the man you fell in love with is not the picture of perfection.

And no, you don't want to change everything about him. You understand that nobody can be perfect. So, you can put up with some of his quirks.

But a few things really bother you and you would like to do something about them.


After this slight change, you would be truly happy in the relationship.

In the past, you tried to put up with it.

But at some point, you realized that you couldn't stand it anymore. Sure, you love the man, but you would love him so much more if this one thing changed about him.

You have tried loving him more so he can attempt to change. But like your other tactics, it has not worked.


What really gets to you is that you can recognize in him the potential to become the man you know he can be.

You are making one problem-you are thinking with your heart. The heart can't think, and it cannot be trusted in some matters.

So, get your heart out of the way and see the situation rationally.

Don't think a little more love is what it will take for your man to become the partner you desire.


The desire for change has to come from him. Coercion is not an option.

In the end, he will change out of love, but not your love for him. The only thing that can change him is his love for you.

This presents you with a tough scenario because it means that you might have to walk away from the relationship altogether if he cannot love you enough to become the person you desire.

But otherwise, if you know ways you can make him love you more, chances are that he will seek ways to make sure you know how much he loves you.


And guess what? This will include trying to become the man you desire him to be.

So, while loving him is good, and you should not stop it, know that making him more loving towards you is what is needed to make him want to change for you.

When a man loves you, he will sacrifice for your sake, regardless of how much it might cost him.

So, sorry ladies. A man's ability to change is all on him. It has nothing to do with how much you love him unless your love makes him love you more.