You Can Relax On A Hammock-Like Net Suspended Over A Cliff Out In This Colombian Hotel Room

The most exciting thing about traveling is going to unique places or doing things you've never done in your entire life. And Refugio La Roca Columbia is a breathtaking getaway that lets you relax on a suspended net off a cliff.

It's always exhilarating to cross off the things on your bucket list and do some of the fun things you consider scary. And by booking a vacation at Refugio La Roca hotel, you'll experience a fantastic stay and make your holiday more adventurous.


Every room in Refugio La Roca hotel has something unique and out of the ordinary. From a 360-degree view, a deck suspended off the edge, to balconies overlooking the mountains, the getaway will give you a holiday experience you've been waiting for your entire life.

The Ritakuwa rooms and their features

The hotel has 'Ritakuwa rooms,' including a "Malla/Terraza," which is translated to mean a "mesh terrace."


You might be thinking, "I'm sorry...what?" In which case, my response would be, "Yea, I know, it's absolutely INSANE."

Because it truly is as much of an adrenaline rush as it sounds.

In simple terms, the rooms include an outdoor balcony space that's made with an actual net, suspended above a cliff from your room. Here, you can relax, read a novel and enjoy the sun or even the fresh high mountain winds.


The rooms also feature a king-sized bed, a private bathroom, and a glass wall that'll allow you to enjoy breathtaking and panoramic views.

The Refugio La Roca Colombia website states:

"We invite you to live with us this experience of rest, contemplation, and silence, a perfect place to find yourself, practice yoga, rock climbing, hiking, and biking."

"A place that invites you to relax get up in the sun, and accompany the morning with a delicious Colombian coffee, listening and contemplating the birds and butterflies."


"End your day with a healthy dinner, a natural juice, a good wine, or a cold beer."

"This is the perfect place to share, love, dream, and enjoy this unique experience, here at Refugio la Roca Colombia."

One client reviewed the hotel and gave the Ritakuwa room 5-stars. The reviewer added that the getaway is "perfect for couples."

The customer wrote:

"I spent a night there with my boyfriend when we were in Bucaramanga. It was absolutely breathtaking. Our room (Ritakuwa) was like a tiny bit of luxury in the middle of the wild."


"We enjoyed the privacy a lot. The food was fantastic, and the staff was incredibly nice. All the animals were fun, especially the little monkey (careful, he bit me twice haha)."

Visiting Refugio La Roca Colombia should be on the top of your must-do list before you die.