You Can Now Take A 'Rage Yoga' Class That Comes With Beer Breaks And Lots Of Swearing


When I think about yoga, I view it as a peaceful and silent kind of meditation. It can help me relax my overthinking mind and reduce stress and anxiety through slow breathing.

However, there're those of us whose quietness and breathing are a big deal. To us, the typical yoga class will even cause us more stress than calming our minds.

But there's a new yoga method called "Rage Yoga," which is the opposite of the usual meditation. This yoga involves achieving a state of calmness and getting a maximum workout by shouting, boozing, and cursing.

This now sounds interesting.

The founder of this Rage Yoga, Lindsay Istace, explains that this method of calming your mind involves positional exercises, stretching, and humor. She also said that this yoga aims to give you good health and help you feel excited about yourself.

"Rage Yoga is an attitude," Lindsay said.

According to her, the moment she tried regular yoga, she felt as if she doesn't fit into it. She even felt "out of place."

She added that regular yoga made her feel like she's standing in the middle of a library filled with gymnasts. These feelings motivated her to invent her own new and better way to achieve the same benefits of regular yoga.

Lindsay affirmed that since she started doing Rage Yoga, she has noticed improvements in her life. She also said that this yoga has helped her build a relaxed mind-body connection and motivated her to appreciate her body.

She has learned to slow her mind. She also feels good in her body while she's doing this yoga.

"It kept me healthy and sane," she added.

It's through Rage Yoga she's able to overcome addiction and bring down personal obstacles. She also said that this method is better than regular meditation, especially for those who can't concentrate on their breathing for long or calm their minds through usual yoga.

The Rage Yoga instructor at Brash Brewery in Houston, Ashley Duzich, told DFW and CBC that many people need to release and let go.

Ashley also added that expressing your anger is one of the effective ways to find oneself. This's because yoga means "union with yourself." And for you to attain this state, it doesn't always need breathing, super-calmness, or practicing quiet time.

According to Ashley, we're all annoyed about something, and we have been holding that "F-cursing" word for too long. It's time to release it.

She added that, with Rage Yoga, you'd be able to let go of your rage and frustrations by shouting out. Then you'll calm yourself down with a cold beer.

Ashley also shared the funniest thing she has ever heard in yoga classes.

"I told you to do the dishes. "

Rage Yoga classes are increasing with some venues in Edmonton, Huston, and Calgary. We hope they'll add more locations to accommodate us too.

Ashley also said that they take beer during the yoga sessions, but the drinking isn't for everyone. She doesn't recommend bringing kids to Rage Yoga class.