You Can Now Buy Microwaveable Lavender-Scented Plush Sloth To Soothe Stress, Aches, And Pains

When you're looking to wind down after a tiring day, there's nothing more soothing than this adorable sloth plush toy that's totally acceptable to cuddle, even as an adult.

This plush toy would be calming enough all on its own, but it has the added benefit of smelling like lavender. What's more? You can warm it in the microwave.

Your evening snuggle sessions are about to get even better.

If you're trying to find a simple way to relieve stress and alleviate pain, this Intelex Warmies Cozy Plush Sloth is something you need to try!

This microwavable French lavender-scented plush sloth is great for both kids and adults as it provides comfort at bedtime. You can also use it as a travel companion to reduce travel anxiety and more.

The cute sloth can be bought on Amazon, and it costs $20 only. You can order one for you or for someone you love. It can also be helpful for kids older than three years, especially if they have trouble sleeping.

According to Intelex Warmies, these sloth buddies reduce "stress and relieve headaches, sinus pressure, hypertension, arthritis pain, muscle pain, menstrual cramps, colic, flu, and tendonitis."

The product has received 5-star reviews (92 percent) from shoppers on Amazon, with customers pointing out how durable and adorable the product is.

One glowing, 5-star review reads:

"It's so cute, my kids love it and it's durable."

Another notes that this plush sloth is great for kids at nighttime:

"My daughter loves the sloth and cuddles with it every night."

And even grown-ups have used the sloth to ease pain. One reviewer wrote:

"I love this sloth! He's so cute and soft. I've used him a few times so far – for sinus headaches and menstrual cramps. Just heat in the microwave for one minute. The scent is very light and not overwhelming. A great purchase."

This stuffed animal is filled with dried lavender, which gives the plushie its scent.

One reviewer pointed out that it's possible to scorch the fabric and the dried lavender contents in the microwave.

In fact, one shopper said the sloth's foot melted in the microwave. Even though it's "microwave safe," be careful!

The sloth can also be turned into a cold pack by putting it in a plastic bag and placing it in the freezer for two to three hours. Therefore if you accidentally bump your head and you're out of frozen peas, it'll help you reduce the swelling.

Warmies are safe, whether heat compressed or cold-compressed. They offer numerous benefits, like muscle and joint pain relief, back pain, insomnia, and inflammation in the body.

These toys also provide relief to autistic people and individuals with sensory processing disorders.