Pet owners, you can now buy a shoe-shaped bed for your dog who loves slippers and for anyone whose interior decor has been needing a giant Croc.

Have you ever realized how pets, especially dogs, get attached to inanimate objects? This's so because footwear is soft and light to carry around.

From my experience, my dog, named Spike, really loves playing with my slippers. Spike sometimes hides my footwear, leaving me looking for them for hours. And when I put my foot in the slipper, I get wet with dog slobber.

If your dog has a similar interest in footwear, perhaps it's time you consider buying them theirs, instead of having the dog stealing yours.

By saying this, I don't really mean you get them a slipper to carry around. No!

I mean a big shoe-like bed for your dog so that they can sleep in it, and it's a favorite for many.

The giant slippers have a shape of a Croc, but they're sizeable enough for your dog to fit in and sleep comfortably.

You can buy these dog slippers on online marketplaces such as Amazon, among others. They're available in a variety of colors, including yellow, pink, and beige.

The product description reads:

"The sasquatch bed is suitable for all seasons, keeping pets cool in summer and warm in winter. A comfortable, lightweight base is made from non-toxic and odor resistant material and has a Manufacturers Lifetime Warranty."

"The beds come in 5 fab colors with co-ordinated lining and embroidered logo. The snug Faux fleece lining is machine washable. The wipe-clean base is non-slip, won't mark floors, and has a built-in roll bar bumper headrest—ideal for small to medium pets."

The price of the giant slipper depends on the color of the item. A yellow slipper costs US$59.79 (£46.79), and the pink Croc is US$70.27 (£54.99).

The beige slipper is the most expensive, costing US$249.73 (£195.43).

The slipper beds include a non-slide base. So, you won't have to worry about them sliding around. They also have an odor-resistant and removable fleece for easy cleaning.

Amazon reviews for the product reveal how the beds are unique.

One user wrote:

"This is such fun for a dog bed, although it can only be used for a small dog or cat, but it looks fantastic and is certainly a topic of conversation."

"Everybody wants to know where on earth I got it from! Both my little dog and my cat sleep in it, so it must be comfortable as well."

If you're the kind of person who buys your dog Christmas presents, then look no further. I'm sure your dog will love nothing more than to spend their time in a big Croc.