You Can Now Buy A 'Golden Girls' Tiki Mug Set

You Can Now Buy A ‘golden Girls’ Tiki Mug Set

If you're obsessed with The Golden Girls, you're definitely not the only one. It's been 28 years since the very last episode of the largely popular TV series aired (with seven seasons).

But, obviously, the fans of the series can't get enough of anything related to these fabulous old ladies. There has been everything from Golden Girls sunshade to Golden Girls cereal, as well as lots of other cool merch.

But now it's time to stop whatever you're doing and grab yourself a set of these adorable ceramic tiki mugs.

Made with lots of love and admiration for these ladies, it's designed to resemble your favorite golden girls, Rose, Dorothy, Blanche, and Sophia. Superfans can now sip a refreshing drink out of a mug shaped like their favorite Miami retirees and drink in style!

The spectacular tiki mugs have cute identifying details like jewelry and glasses so you can tell who's who with no effort.

Rose Nylund (played by Betty White) comes in yellow, sharp-tongued Dorothy Zbornak (played by Bea Arthur) comes in mint green, Blanche Devereaux (played by Rue McClanahan) comes in sassy red, and Sophia Petrillo (played by Estelle Getty) comes in blue, with her iconic glasses on.

Each of these cute mugs costs $25.99 on Target. Each of them can hold from 16 ounces to 18 ounces of your favorite drink. Not only that, but they're also top-shelf dishwasher-safe, as well as microwave safe!

Unfortunately, though, some of our favorite characters are selling out. However, the rest of the Golden Girls will still make your time alone in the garden during quarantine a bit more bearable.

What better way to pay tribute to this fabulous group of ladies than with your favorite drink out of a Golden Girls mug?

As a matter of fact, these cute little mugs can even make a wonderful gift to a friend if you can handle not keeping them for yourself.
If you're planning on getting your own, don't forget to watch the series while you drink out of it. Golden Girls is now available on both Hulu and Amazon Prime.