You Can Now Buy A Beans On Toast Maker

you can now buy a beans on toast maker

Beans on toast maker is the newest and easiest way to make your breakfast in the morning super quick.

The everyday morning rush dictates that breakfast must be fast and simple.

A slice of hastily-buttered bread or a piece of fruit is often the most efficient way to put some pep before work.

But if you had it your way, you'd carefully cook up a sublime meal of beans on toast.

you can now buy a beans on toast maker

Apparently, you can now buy a breakfast-making machine that takes care of both ingredients for you.

Say hello to the new Tefal Toast and Bean Maker:

you can now buy a beans on toast maker

The unique gadget features a two-slice toaster.

This toaster also features a separate 'Bean Warmer' drawer, which can also cook eggs—taking breakfast-making to the next level.

Yeah. This is definitely an ultimate breakfast machine.

The quick breakfast solution saves you time and keeps your food warm while you get ready for the day.

This breakfast machine haves your baked beans and toast ready in just four minutes.

Its official product description explains:

"The Tefal Toast' n' Egg 'n' Beans toaster is perfect for preparing a delicious morning breakfast in half the time. The Tefal toaster can toast your bread and heat up hot beans at the same time. The easy-clean dish means cleaning up will be quicker too."

What a time to be alive!

you can now buy a beans on toast maker

This machine creates a nutritional dish in a flash that'll give your day the boost it needs. It has a capacity for half a tin of baked beans, which is enough for one serving.

With this gadget, there's no need for a hob or microwave.

Say goodbye to scrubbing multiple pans and sweeping stale crumbs. The two-in-one "Beans on Toast" maker is also here to make our lives easier.

For offices, students, and family homes, Tefal Toast and Bean Maker can be an excellent addition to any kitchen. The machine makes breakfast time and lunch-break rush a thing of the past.

you can now buy a beans on toast maker

So, if you want to get your hands on these funky breakfast gadgets, head over to Amazon or Argos retailer.

According to the Argos website, over 94 percent of customers recommend the product and currently has a rating of 4.7.

According to one shopper, the toaster is 'Ideal for the things I want it to do, and [the] style is nice.'

Another reviewer adds:

"Absolutely love making breakfast in [the] toaster. Yes, it works, my pouched eggs are fantastic also all in 1 breakfast love this toaster."