You Can Make This Cuddling Season Even Cozier

You Can Make This Cuddling Season Even Cozier

Warmth, safety, and comfort rank highly among most people's needs. This is most apparent during winter when there are shorter daylight hours and chilly temperatures. A lucky few have a partner they can cozy up to and cuddle with to get through the cold season.

Otherwise, you will also need a bit of effort to ensure that you enjoy the cuddling season better. This is what we will look at today.

1. Have Some Hot Chocolate

What could be better than enjoying a cup of hot chocolate when you are feeling cold? The experience will be even better if you have a cuddling partner by your side. A combination of the two will cause a greater release of dopamine. This gets you closer to your partner and ensures you enjoy the warmth and happiness even more.

Imagine how much more memorable this experience would be if you did this while enjoying your favorite shows, or even enjoyed your favorite snacks as you sip on this amazing drink.

2. Change The Lighting

Did you know that lighting can affect your mood? Some things to look out for include the strength of the lighting in your surroundings. Bright light is usually not very relaxing, and your mind cannot settle enough for you to enjoy cuddling with your partner when it's too bright. So, you can opt for natural lighting during the day, and then use some scented candles or soft fairy lights when evening comes.

3. Control Your Emotions

You should cuddle with someone you agree with on certain things. For instance, let it be known what your boundaries are in case the cuddling might lead to something else. You need to be in agreement on how far the cuddling can go, and this should be clear from the very start.

Also, even if you have agreed on how far you will or will not go, make sure the extent of your needs is understood. For instance, let it be clear that your greatest interest is in cuddling, although other things might follow. That said, your intentions can get overtaken by feelings and plans can change. If that happens, and you are both on board, then it's not a problem.

4. Get Comfortable

The cuddling experience will be more rewarding for you when you put on soft and warm clothes. Rather than wearing jeans, try softer clothes such as hoodies, pajamas, or even sweatpants. While you're at it, you can also choose the most comfortable place to cuddle, and bring a warm soft blanket with you.

5. Get The Right Person To Cuddle With

You probably have a great cuddle buddy already, which is great. But if you are in the process of finding one, there are a few things to look out for. Some basic rules to observe include not cuddling with your ex. Additionally, choose someone you can cuddle with without the experience leading to other things.

It should also be someone fun to be around so you can have a good time together. If you can't get yourself a good cuddle partner, you can always have a pet to cuddle with. Dogs are great options, and cats can be terrific cuddle partners. So, there is practically no excuse for not cuddling up this cuffing season.