You Can Get A Whole Keg Of Espresso Martini On Amazon

In the past few weeks, we learned that people are into panic buying, but also we seem to stock up on things we don’t genuinely need. So, if you wanted a tasty yet a tad useless blend of coffee and alcohol, you can get a whole keg.

Among other information made for your pastime, we are overdrinking coffee and alcohol. And since Espresso Martini was already on the rise before coronavirus, a company, Giraffe Cocktail, decided to give you a home version, so you don’t crave your favorite bar as much. It seems pricey, but it comes out at £3.15-per-serving. And the whole keg is 110 British pounds. And yes, the size is just right for your refrigerator.

you can get a whole keg of espresso martini on amazon

If you’re not a big drinker of these new cocktail twists, you can place an order on Amazon for someone you know will appreciate it. The company also offers Pornstar Martini, as well as Gin Garden. Pornstar Martini is for vodka and passion fruit lovers. But Gin Garden, according to Giraffe Cocktail, has an irresistible fruity aroma of fresh apple in combination with a tart twist of rhubarb. The taste of the elderflower is subtle yet sweet with the ideal amount of London dry gin. So, there’s something for everyone.

Espresso Martini is the fastest-selling out of all cocktails, and the five-liter keg will give you approximately 35 shots. But, instead of piling up several of these bad boys, try to buy one and make it last. Alcohol may seem like the right choice due to all the chaos, but it also weakens the immune system. No one should tell you whether you should stop drinking, but everything in moderation.

you can get a whole keg of espresso martini on amazon

Now, let’s get one thing out on the open. We do hope this mess will end soon, and this will be a great drink to have once we start having house parties again. It’s premium vodka and a delightful Italian masterpiece – espresso! So, if you have any upcoming birthdays, this may be the present you didn’t know you were looking for. At this moment, it’s not as valuable as toilet paper, but things will change.

Of course, you could try to become a mixologist while watching Youtube videos. You are allowed to enjoy some of the favorite drinks from the safety of your home. Do check out tutorials. It’s safe to assume that you will be stuck mixing and shaking for hours, maybe days. Just try to be an adult and share it with your family. Binge drinking, just like binge eating, won’t make the situation we are all in any better.

Now that I addressed that you should watch your alcohol intake let’s have a toast. For all the better things we’re about to witness. Raise your glasses of Espresso Martini delight and cheers to the better days!