You Can Decorate Your Yard With Unicorn And Dragon Skeletons This Halloween


Halloween skeleton decor ideas are only limited to your imagination. Decorating your outdoor with unicorn and dragon skeletons can make your yard scary, exciting, and unique, all at the same time.

Many of us dislike the summer season due to its hot weather and the bugs and mosquitos. But as the season falls, the happier we become.

Getting ready for Hallowing early enough will ensure you have the best holiday ever.


Halloween is more than just near-perfect weather. From scary flicks to spooky songs, candy to costumes, it's one of my favorite holidays.

As you're planning for the forthcoming Halloween, I've great decoration ideas for you. But if you haven't started yet, it's never too soon to start preparing for the holiday.

Mythical skeletal decoration


Oriental Trading, the company that brought us a fabulous mermaid skeleton last year, has done it again. They've introduced two new mythical skeletal decoration ideas, unicorn and dragon skeletons.

Costing $69.99, shipping costs inclusive, these skeletons are made of plastics, and you can place them either indoor or outdoor.


The unicorn skeleton measures 43'' X 27" while the dragon decoration is 49" X 36".

Although the dragon skeleton is terrifying, that of a unicorn is cute due to its shiny horn.

The dragon is perfect for those looking for a scary scene this Halloween. It's a fierce-looking creature as it has horns, bony wings, and fangs the size of fingers.


Mermaid skeletons and life-size human skeletons, costing $49.99, are also available for purchase.

Oriental Trading is also looking to introduce other skeletons, such as monkeys and life-sized cyclops, as Halloween draws near. All these skeletal decorations will be available on the company's website.

You can also buy a bag full of a dozen skulls for only $15.29 to keep the skeleton theme during Hallowing going. Other decorations include a bag of bones at $32.99.

For those who prefer fancier Halloween skeleton versions, you can purchase a life-size skeletons colored in gold.