You Are Not The Problem If You Always Date The Wrong Guy

You Are Not The Problem If You Always Date The Wrong Guy

You are not selfish because you want to spend more time with him.

You are not pathetic because you keep checking your phone to see if he is finally off work, even though it has been hours since he said he would.

You are not a bother for asking him for a favor every once in a while; considering the many favors you have done for him.

You should not consider yourself insecure because he is not showing you affection more regularly.


You are not being too clingy because you get in touch to know when you two can hang out five hours after he fails to come through.

You are not being too picky for wanting to be in a relationship you find fulfilling.

You are perfectly right in hoping and expecting that he will call or text over the course of the day.

You are not needy because you tell him what you love.

It is totally justified to tell him how you need to be loved.


You are fine asking him if you are a priority in his life.

You need to be a priority in his life because it hurts so much when you are not.

You are being reasonable in asking him not to flirt with other girls if you are now in an exclusive relationship.

You are not being crazy if you have issues with how close he gets to other girls when he is talking with them.

You are making the right call when you assess the health of your relationship whenever necessary.


You are perfectly normal for wanting to have your relationship needs to be met. A relationship that does not satisfy your needs is less than anyone deserves.

You are justified in calling him out when he goes on and on about how hot female celebrities are. None of this means you are lacking in self-confidence or are an emotional cripple.

You are not being overly jealous if you find his tendency to text other people in your presence a problem.


You are justified in asking him if you are a priority in his life.

You are perfectly normal for expressing your concerns over various issues in the relationship. A relationship needs to grow over time through adjustments to things that you do not like.

You are right to tell him what you want out of a relationship if it is to work out for you.

You are perfectly normal to ask that he does not talk about how hot his favorite female celebrity is all the time.


You are right in wanting to leave the relationship when you feel that it is no longer working out for you.

Yes, you are right in wanting to leave and find a relationship that is fulfilling for you because that is the least you deserve.

You are not taking things too far and being too demanding for thinking that you should be getting more out of the relationship. It is only crazy when you think you deserve less.