You Are Not Crazy: Its Not You, It’s Him

You are definitely not crazy for wanting more out of your relationship. You shouldn’t let your partner or anyone else for that matter make you think otherwise.

You deserve his attention. Wanting to spend some quality time with him doesn’t make you selfish. He should want to spend as much time with you too.

Texting and calling him a couple of times a day doesn’t make you obsessed. The success of any relationship, including your own, hinges on how well those involved can communicate with each other. No one should ever make you feel bad just because you want to talk.

You are allowed to ask for small favors from your partner every now and then. It doesn’t speak of your incapacity to do it yourself. It just means that you need a helping hand sometimes and that is perfectly normal. He has no right to make you feel bad for asking. You should not even have to ask.

You are not needy for wanting him to express his affection in a love language that you understand. If you are the type of girl that loves to cuddle, then he shouldn’t make you feel bad for wanting to do so after a long day.

You are not crazy or paranoid when you question him about where he is at. If he said he’d be home several hours ago and still hasn’t turned up, you have every right to feel concerned and ask about his whereabouts.

Asking him to tone down and even stop openly flirting with other girls in your face doesn’t make you too possessive. It is disrespectful of him to act that way, and you deserve better. If he cannot appreciate that fact, then maybe he is the crazy one. No one should judge you if you give him an ultimatum about this kind of behavior. He had better shape up, or you ship out.

You are not crazy for asking that he stays focused on you when you hang out. It makes no sense to make plans to spend time together only for him to spend what should be your quality time together chatting away and doing God knows what else on his phone. That’s even worse than canceling on you.

You are not crazy for feeling so irritated at how much he’s constantly talking about the hot girl at work, or just how hot he finds his celebrity crush to be. Yes, he is allowed to look and appreciate what he sees, but it is so crass to bring it up every time and especially in a conversation with you. You have every right to ask him to stop this behavior.

It doesn’t make you crazy to think that you deserve much better than he is offering. It also doesn’t make you crazy if you decide to just leave it all behind and walk away. You have no business making a priority of someone who makes it very clear that you are just an option with his words, actions, and inactions.

You, my beautiful friend, are not crazy. But you do deserve someone who is crazy about you.