You Are Not A Good Person If You Cheat On Your Partner

You Are Not A Good Person If You Cheat On Your Partner

I once heard my partner, who had cheated on me so often that I became destroyed mentally, emotionally say in a prayer that he is a good person. Cheating is becoming part of our culture as more powerful women in today's world are becoming more forgiving. Is it possible that a man or a woman who cheats can still be classified as a good person? My answer is No.

A man or a woman can have so many positive characters, such as being charming and generous, but when it comes to betrayal, especially when it comes from the one you have trusted your heart to, it hurts like hell and cuts deep. Those wounds turn into scars that we are forever reminded of.

Cheating can make you question a lot of things about yourself. Am I not pretty enough?, am I not good enough?, what did I do wrong? Is this karma for something I may have done in the past?.

In most cases, a trend has shown that women start to feel less of themselves and compare themselves to the women the man cheated with. When we get into a marriage, we vow to love, cherish, to respect. We expect our partners to join hands in marriage to hold up to their end of the bargain and be the partners we chose to be with.

In this era of social media, it is almost impossible to move on from heartache because you are constantly reminded of your ex through their social media pages. In many cases, we end up stalking their pages to see what they are up to for a longer period of time. We want to know if they have moved on, have a new partner, what this new partner looks like, and so on.

Back in the day, marriages were like a business contracts, so cheating was easier to explain. These days, it is about love, and when a partner is cheated on, the world quickly takes the side of the victim.

Some people say it is important we look at both sides of the story, but I don't believe any reason is validation enough to do wrong. There are so many ways to handle whatever situation you may be going through. Talk to your partner about how you are feeling, go to therapy, try to fix the problem. The truth is no marriage is perfect and marriages are hard! It requires constant work. This is a combination of two people who have different minds, so many times you won't be on the same page regarding everything.

You will not always understand why the person does certain things but you have to be willing to sacrifice.

Most people claim that cheating is a way for them to "find" themselves. They lost the way they used to feel before they were married and now they want to explore and believe that this could help them be better partners. Others simply cheat because they see something in this new woman they do not see in their partner.

This new woman does not complain about anything. She is very understanding, and so on. A married woman or man and a single woman or man do not act in the same way. What am I saying? If you divorced your partner for this new person a few years into marriage, they will do the same things or worse.

Divorce has made cheating so easy because everyone can easily walk away when they are "tired." Cheating is a form of emotional abuse. It breaks people in half and causes a lot of suicidal cases as well. You are in no way a good person if you are cheating on your partner and hurting them mentally and emotionally.

I always say it is better to walk away rather than to cheat. It is only selfish people who only think about themselves that cheat. Wicked people who have no consideration for others and that is putting it lightly.

People say I don't love him or her anymore. Really? So you decided to treat them like an animal because it is completely inhumane! You are not even close to being a good person when you act in such a way.