You Are No Good For Me

I thought that this was finally it. That my search was over. That I had met The One. You were one of a kind, my perfect match. My true love, my drug, and my weakness.

I would look at you and smile. I had never felt so lucky. When you touched me, my knees became weak. When you kissed me, my heart skipped a beat. I fell so deeply and in love with you. You became my only thought. All the while I thought that you cared and that you felt the same way. I thought that we would ride to the mountains together. That we would watch the sunset together, every day until we died.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. You broke my heart. I gave you my heart, and you just threw it back at me. You lied to me. You manipulated me and used me. All those romantic texts, all those beautiful names you called me. They were all lies.

Did I really mean nothing to you? Were all those moments I thought we connected, just facades? Did you not mean it when you said you loved me? Was I really that blind to not see that you were a cheat?

All the while it was her. You wanted her. I was just collateral damage in your war against yourself. I ignored the signs. I wanted to live the fantasy. I wanted it to be real.

Now I cry myself to sleep. I soak my pillow wet each night. My heart aches because of the pain you caused it. I still remember it so vividly. The day I discovered that you lied.

What kind of monster are you? What kind of human being does that? If I could, I would strike you with lightning. So you would feel my pain. The pain that you caused me. All I did was love you. Remember that I was not even into you in the first place. But you just had to make me love you.

I wish I had never met you. You are no good for me!

The worst part is that I still care. I still love you. I still have these crazy dreams that we will get back together. That deep down, you really loved me. My heart bleeds. It hurts so bad that the only console I have is the thought of the good times, but I know I should stop. You are no good for me. I need to quit you.

Why can’t I move on? When will it stop hurting? When will I finally be free of you? It seems like you still got me, and I hate it. I want to forget. I want to sleep and wake up and not remember you.

My heart will be forever scarred, but I will find love again. He is still out there somewhere. My true love, my prince charming. One day I will not hurt to think of you. I will be so loved that what I feel now will not compare. I need to let go of the tragic experience that has happened to me.