Yoga Teacher Arrested For Allegedly Letting Boys 'Fondle And Lick Her Newly Enhanced Breasts' At A Bar Mitzvah


Lindsey Radomski, aged 34, was taken into custody on charges of allegedly engaging in sexual acts with teenagers at a bar mitzvah event.

According to a report from Daily Mail, Radomski was arrested after it was alleged that she allowed multiple boys to "fondle and lick her newly enhanced breasts" during a bar mitzvah on March 22nd. It is further claimed that she engaged in oral sex with one of the boys after the others had left the room.

However, the woman's attorney argues that his client had been unknowingly given drugs by an 18-year-old at the party. He asserts that Radomski was actually the victim in this incident.

"A woman that's incapacitated can't consent to any sexual contact, any sexual assault. Ms. Radomski has no memory of what happened in that room and because she has no memory, from her perspective and from my perspective as her attorney, it didn't happen and we'll see what happens in court," stated Blackwell, Radomski's lawyer, as reported by KPNX.

During the court proceedings, Blackwell testified that he had conducted a hair test which allegedly indicated that his client had been drugged. However, the prosecution countered this claim by asserting that the levels of GHB (commonly referred to as a "roofie") found in her system were within the normal range typically found in the human body.

Initially, Radomski faced 21 felony charges, but some of them were dropped after a grand jury determined that there was insufficient evidence to indict her. If she is found guilty, Radomski could potentially face a prison sentence of six months or more, in addition to three years of probation.

Two days after the incident, Radomski, a yoga instructor in the Scottsdale region, was interviewed by authorities. During the interview, she stated that she was too intoxicated to recollect the incident but acknowledged that she had exposed herself to the guests at the party. Subsequently, she mentioned that she believed she had been unknowingly given a date rape drug, which explained her lack of memory concerning the incident.

However, during the court hearing on Tuesday, the prosecution presented a different perspective. They argued that after analyzing a set of recently obtained blood tests, the levels of GHB detected in Radomski's bloodstream were not higher than what would naturally occur in a person's body.

Additionally, prosecutors alleged that Radomski altered her account of the events only when it became evident that she would face charges. Initially, she was charged with 21 felony counts, including offenses such as sexual conduct with a minor, sexual abuse, and indecent exposure.

However, in June of the previous year, a grand jury decided not to indict her due to insufficient evidence. If found guilty, the yoga teacher could potentially be sentenced to over six months in jail and three years of probation. The trial is anticipated to conclude next week.