Yes, I'm Single, But I Don't Need Your Pity

As a single woman, I'm bombarded with the same irritating remarks repeatedly, delivered with a superior smile: "It will happen when you least expect it." "Your time will come." "There's someone out there for everyone." What the individuals who give me such outstanding support appear to overlook is that I genuinely don't care.

1. Who Is Your Pity Helping?

Let's be completely honest here - the only person who benefits from your sympathy is you. By pitying me as a poor single person, you're boosting your own self-esteem. If you genuinely want to help, set me up with your attractive friend from work. Don't use my single status to validate yourself.


2. I Am Not Jealous Of You

Get a hold of yourself. Do you genuinely believe that choosing that unpleasant individual you met in college makes you better than me? Do you truly believe that you're happier or having more fun than me? Absolutely not.

3. I Am Doing Me Right Now

Life is more than just being in a relationship. Only once you acknowledge this can you have diverse and profound experiences in every aspect of life. I have my job, my artistic pursuits, my social circle, and all of my attention undivided. I can develop as an individual and understand myself without any interruptions.


4. I Value My Independence

I spent a month traveling across Europe, encountering captivating individuals and marveling at the breathtaking sights. Recently, I returned from a month-long visit to Barcelona. Do you know how I was able to accomplish all that? I'm not attached to anyone. Moreover, I genuinely couldn't tolerate sharing my space with someone, even if I adored them.

5. Being Single Is My Choice

You may be inclined to assume that I am unlucky in love and that the relationship gods have not blessed me with a shiny new partner. Alternatively, if you're a mean person, you may believe that I am simply unlovable. But have you ever contemplated the possibility that I choose to be single? Gasp I understand it's difficult to comprehend.


6. Maybe I Want To Sleep Around

Just because I'm single doesn't mean I'm promiscuous, despite what you may assume. I'm merely enjoying myself at the moment. You can return to having vanilla sex with your boyfriend or girlfriend every Tuesday, repeating the same routine with the same person. But for me, monotony isn't enjoyable.

7. I Am Not Going To Try And Make You Comfortable

You envision a world where I have a partner so that I can fit in with your couples-only events and dinner parties. However, I refuse to conform to societal expectations and sacrifice my single life just to please you or anyone else.


8. I Am Perfectly Happy Rolling Solo

You may believe that I spend my nights weeping and yearning for a partner to hold, but that's simply not the case. I'm perfectly content being on my own, thank you very much. I take full responsibility for my own happiness and don't need another person to fulfill that for me. So really, your sympathy is misplaced.