Yes, I Love You. But No, You Don't Deserve Me. It's Over

Yes, I Love You. But No, You Don’t Deserve Me. It’s Over

Although I love you, I am more than you deserve. I withheld nothing from you; I tried to help you as much as I could; I gave up lots of things for you, hoping you would find your footing and love me back.

I went to a lot of trouble to make sure you felt loved, to make you believe you are worthy of love. But all you did was prove me wrong, and now I am done with you.

I stopped at nothing to assure you of my love and that I wanted us to remain together forever, but I no longer see the man I loved in you.

Somehow, he was lost along the way, and the person who replaced him only knew how to receive, not give.

Although you saw me as your rock, you were never mine. I could never count on you for anything.

Then paranoia overtook you, and you believed everyone was out to hurt you. You were always the victim.

Although I Love You, I Can't Put Up With This Anymore.

I am tired of always being the person to blame for everything that goes wrong with our relationship. I am not the bad guy, but to you I always am.

All you did was hurt me, and I don't deserve to suffer this pain anymore. Although I hate that I have to get over you, it's the only option I have.

I Have To Break The Unhealthy Pattern

Over and over again, I have let men control and hurt me, and I have given them a chance to destroy my one shot at happiness.

But I am taking back the control. I don't deserve what you are doing to me.

You don't deserve my tears. Being hurt by the person you love is the worst thing ever.

You are the person who should wipe away my tears and replace my agony with a smile. But all you do is the complete opposite.

You Break My Heart Everyday

You make me feel I am not enough. You let me struggle on my own.

You demand that I do things for you, but you never reciprocate.

I feel so lonely around you, and yet I give you all my affection and commitment. You are not worth it anymore.

The Feelings Are Still There, But My Respect For You Is Long Gone

I now accept that our relationship is over and that there's no future for us.

I'm sorry to say this: but you don't deserve what I am giving you. You repay love with heartache.

That is why you will have none of my devotion. What's the point of giving you the best of me and getting nothing in return?

You Will No Longer Have My Time And My Love

I will no longer make an effort. It's no longer my job to fix you.

I will not lose myself so you can find yourself. You are just too toxic, and I have had as much as I can take.

There was a time I felt that it was my responsibility to make you whole. But now I realize it's not.

Nobody says I have to lose myself helping you find yourself. I don't see why you should pass on your pain to me.

You Don't Deserve Me

And you know what? You never did.

For a while you had me going. And I was even convinced all you needed is the love I could offer you to heal yourself and be worthy of all the love I had for you.

But you got better, just not for me. You never cared at all about me.

If you cannot see the value of my love, then I have to show you the value of my presence by kicking you out of my life. I was too good for you anyway, and there was never a moment you deserved me or my love.