Before cosplay was labeled as such it was just expressing your love for a character. Beyond just Halloween people would take on character costumes for movies openings or to bring their hobby to life for different events. Since cosplay has been labeled it is when someone dresses in costume to role-play from a movies, TV shows, books, comics, or video games. The hobby that becomes a love can have so many positive aspect on someone’s life and even on other people. Bringing a smile to a passerby can warm the heart when you’re in their favorite childhood cartoon.

The ability to just be you, for some the path is to dress in cosplay.

Most show their talents in the detailed costumes that they wear to conventions. The role-play that speaks to an individual lets them focus on the uncommon talent they might have. Sewing is not as common as it was in the 60’s but hidden talent gives the person working on the mid-century attire a confidence boost. Also cosplay could help someone deal with things more personal. Becoming a super hero and taking the time needed to make the cosplay costume could be therapeutic in a time that is needed. These people bring love into their lives by loving what they have made and who they can portray themselves as.

Halloween is a time for kids but cosplay can be a time for family.

Many cosplay families enjoy makes and presenting themselves during conventions. Making memories with your children when you are deciding the theme, then enjoying the time together while making the cosplay costumes, and the enjoyable part would be spending the day with your child taking pictures as a group while people praise your family unity. This builds a child’s confidence to explain the process of the cosplay to a stranger. Children are like sponges so this could be a way to help them think outside the box of life.

Most of the convention goers are surprisingly introverts in their “real life.” Becoming a cosplay can bring out the outgoing character that can be shadowed by someones anxiety. Having to take on a character and bring justice to the actions or personality takes dedication. Being able to go in front of a crowd or a photographer and display your characters signature position or action could be hard if you are not dedicated.

Building a community is the most important part of cosplay.

Some cosplay costumes are the persons take of the character so they can all be different. That being said seeing zombie Shaggy and signature Shaggy taking a picture together can brighten those two people’s lives. Having something in common but be so different is a base of cosplay at conventions. Conventions bring people for miles away from each other into one place to interact as a community. Most give out phone numbers, just in case you’re in their area, or Instagram names so they can keep up with each other. They end up as family.