Yes, A Good Man Is Hard To Find, And Here Are 9 Reasons Why

Yes, A Good Man Is Hard To Find, And Here Are 9 Reasons Why

It's very true: a good man is hard to find. I know you have heard this countless times. But it's not a myth, it's the absolute truth. So, pardon me for being the bearer of bad news.

You see, even after ripping your checklist for an ideal man in half, you might still have a hard time finding a guy who truly fits the bill. And whose fault is this?

Why are there no good men left?

Trust me, it's not that your standards are too high, or that your expectations are too unrealistic. The blame falls squarely on society.

Good men were more plentiful in the past, but society has made finding a good man who will treat you right and stand by you no matter what something of a miraculous feat.

Here are nine things that can help clarify how we got here.

1. Marriage Is Not What It Used To Be

There was a time marriage was an important and desirable milestone in life. But today, people are so 'meh' about this social arrangement. People can have sex, have kids, live together, do everything married people can, and then walk away with little judgment from society. The 'happily ever after' thing is therefore not on many men's minds.

2. Rampant Commitment Phobia

We get it. Not everyone gets into a relationship, rejoicing and cheering. But modern guys have taken it way too far. Today, being afraid of commitment is considered the norm. That is why you will find a good man and all will be well until a commitment phase comes and they cannot handle it.

3. Technology

Let's be honest. People are more attached to their technological devices than they are to other people. Photos of friends sitting in the same room but with each glued to his/her phone no longer shock us. This unhealthy attachment to technology has made intimacy something of a challenge.

4. It's All About Hookups Now

Don't get me wrong. I have nothing against hooking up. My bone of contention is that people are seeing it as a fitting replacement for dating and relationships. And what has this given us? A society full of men who want to sample as many women as they can find, without ever feeling the urge to settle on one.

5. Women Are More Powerful

Women empowerment has worked. There is no denying that. Today, women are independent and successful. Unfortunately, many men cannot handle that since it challenges their masculinity.

6. Many Guys Think There's Something Better Out There

Having too many options makes what you have appeared less valuable. That's the sad fact of life. Many men believe that with so many women to choose from, they can find a better partner than the one they already have. Some are even deluded into believing that they can find the perfect woman if they keep looking.

7. Too Many Choices

There is nothing wrong with having choices, but too much of a good thing is bad, right? With the dating apps so popular now, guys can have instant access to lots of women from wherever they are. No wonder they lack enough time to put into one woman and truly realize her worth.

8. Excess Baggage

Understandably, some people have been through hell in the past. But some guys cannot resolve past issues and instead carry them into their new relationships. That is why many relationships today are screwed before they even start.

9. The "Man-Child" Thing Is Real

At first, this phrase sounded funny, but few women think so after meeting a real-life man-child. This kind of man has completely refused to grow up. Ergo, he can never be responsible enough to be in a mature relationship.