Yanet Garcia Picture, Dating, Birthday, Weight, Height, Net Worth, Wiki And Biography

Yanet Garcia Picture, Dating, Birthday, Weight, Height, Net Worth, Wiki And Biography

Yanet Garcia, or the Mexican Weather Girl, is one of the most popular TV presenters in Mexico. She is also a famous Instagram model and influencer.

Why Is Yanet Garcia Famous?

Yanet Garcia is a famous TV presenter and Instagram influencer from Mexico. She is an IIN Certified health coach and a talented actress who appeared in popular Mexican TV series.

Date Of Birth

15 November 1990

Birth Place

Monterrey, Mexico

Horoscope Sign


Net Worth



5' 6" (1.68m)


127lbs (58kg)



Hair Color


Eye Color


Tattoos And Piercings


Plastic Surgeries



Yanet often mentions that her mom had an essential role in her life in her interviews. Especially through her early childhood, Yanet's mom was her anchor and her greatest support.

Yanet Garcia has three sisters - Alondra, Jennifer, and Prisma.


This gorgeous girl is a total fitness addict. She also likes to read books in her spare time.

Who Is Yanet Garcia Dating?

Earlier this year, there were rumors that Yanet was dating Dr. Mike Varshavski, a famous US doctor and Youtuber.

However, none of them commented on this speculation.

Yanet Garcia Dating History

One of Yanet's most famous ex-boyfriends was Doug Censor Martin. He is a gaming Youtuber, better known as FaZe, and they started dating in 2015. Their relationship ended in 2018.

After the turbulent break-up with FaZe, Yanet started dating Lewis Howes in 2019. Their relationship caught the attention of all media, and the couple enjoyed the spotlight.

The two lovey doves broke up in 2021.

Yanet Garcia Social Media

Yanet posts pictures and Insta stories on Instagram daily. It's probably her favorite social media platform.

About Yanet Garcia

The first time when Yanet appeared on TV was in 1996, in the popular show Access Hollywood. Besides being an attractive TV face, she is also talented in acting.

By now, you probably got the image that Yanet Garcia is a woman of many talents.

She started working as a model in 2013, but it was a difficult start, and the road to success for her was not easy at all.

At first, Instagram was her escape from reality, but soon it became one of her main sources of income.