Writer Says ‘Law & Order’ Should Be Canceled Because Of Its Positive Portrayal Of Cops

May 25th; that day when George Floyd was arrested and taken down by force, and Derek Chauvin (former police officer), proceeded to kneel on his neck, and three of his fellow officers knelt on his back until he died.

People filmed the terrible event and the footage very quickly went viral on social media.

And now, as the Black Lives Matter movement continues to resist this kind of discrimination, the media we consume is being more and more restricted, especially television.

Almost any TV show that portrays police officers as the protagonist, people would call it into question.

Law & Order, which was heading into its 33rd season last week, has been coming under fire recently and was faced with strong reactions from the public.

Writer Says ‘Law & Order’ Should Be Canceled Because Of Its Positive Portrayal Of Cops
Writer Says ‘Law & Order’ Should Be Canceled Because of Its Positive Portrayal of Cops

The cop-oriented TV show might even be canceled due to the death of George Floyd. And now, the protests against police discrimination stimulated the original decision to halt production.

The brutal behavior of the police has been continuing for centuries now, but it seems to me that George’s death was the final nail in the coffin.

Thousands of people have been protesting against racism and the police to prevent this from happening again in the future.

So, naturally, the cops were forced to “get things back in order.” This did nothing but cause more rage among protesters and against the police.

Citizens have had it with racism. It has been haunting America for a long time, and it needs to stop now.

Though you can’t just call every police officer bad or racist, people are viewing the police as a whole institution that needs to be changed from the roots.

Writer Says ‘Law & Order’ Should Be Canceled Because Of Its Positive Portrayal Of Cops
Writer Says ‘Law & Order’ Should Be Canceled Because of Its Positive Portrayal of Cops

Paramount Network, therefore, decided to conceal “Law & Order”…

“Cops is not on the Paramount Network and we don’t have any current or future plans for it to return,” a network spokesperson explained.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and The Dukes of Hazzard are two widely popular TV shows, and the latest to land in hot water.

Rolling Stone writer E.J. Dickson wrote in a story published by the magazine on Friday that this show should be canceled.

The reason is because of Olivia Benson’s “quintessential Good Cop character.”

Here’s what she had to say in the article, titled Olivia Benson: The Law and Order: SVU Protagonist Should Be Canceled:

“The embodiment of all of the qualities we wish law enforcement figures would have: she’s tough but fair, vulnerable yet steely-eyed, displaying constant compassion for survivors and providing no quarter to abusers.”

“She always fights for and believes victims, a marked contrast to real-life law enforcement officials, whose record on convicting sexual offenders is abysmal.” She continued.

She claimed that Benson is not the type of cop that will easily change, “Not fundamentally because nobody wants Olivia Benson to change. We’re probably not going to see her making an effort to hire more police officers of color. We’re probably not going to see George Floyd incorporated into plotlines in anything but a cursory, ripped-from-the-headlines way.”

It seems that the fans of this TV show are loyal..

Some other fans linked this decision with cancel culture.

And some agree that this show doesn’t have anything to do with the corruption of the police officers. 

Not only are these TV shows receiving all of this shame, but the fire has also reached the world of children’s entertainment.

Paw Patrol, which is a popular children’s cartoon, was also heavily criticized for being streamed.

The popular Nickelodeon show is about a boy named Ryder and a team of six adorable rescue dogs  – including a police officer, a firefighter, and a construction worker – who protect the seaside town of Adventure Bay.

Paw Patrol tweeted to their followers announcing that they will be temporarily muting their content to support the Black Lives Matter movement…

“In solidarity of #amplifymelanatedvoices, we will be muting our content until June 7th to give access for Black voices to be heard so we can continue to listen and further our learning. #amplifyblackvoices” 

Even though the decision received much praise, so many people wanted a bigger change.

“you’ve already brainwashed a bunch of kids into thinking law enforcement is a noble and just profession. better to scrap production forever if you want to make lasting change,” twitter user @bathwaterbad replied.

People have even criticized the characters’ names, like the name “Chase”, who for some people represents victims who were attacked by police dogs.

“Perhaps naming your main character police dog ‘chase’ is a bit tone-deaf to the suffering of people who have actually been on the receiving end of dogs used as weapons by the police. My 3 year old calls his stuffed Chase ‘Jace’, ” replied @LauraCarmella.

So, in the light of all this chaos, do you agree that Law & Order, or any other cop show, should be canceled?